Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson hammered Comcast Corp. on Friday, claiming in a claim that the satellite TV and web giant cheated clients for promises, charged shoppers for unordered administrations and didn’t convey the prepaid Visa cards promised in its advancements.

Comcast, additionally known by the brand name Xfinity, included home security, service protection plans, modem and other hardware charges to clients’ bills without approval, Swanson told correspondents.

To bait a few clients, Swanson’s office said Comcast promised prepaid Visa cards of $200 or more in the event that they stayed in the base term contract and up and coming on regularly scheduled installments for 90 days, however did not convey.

“It’s difficult to look for digital TV if an organization plays conceal the-ball on its actual costs, and individuals shouldn’t need to watch their bills for things they didn’t purchase,” Swanson said in an announcement.

The claim recorded in Hennepin County looks for unspecified compensation and common punishments.

Comcast reacted saying it completely reveals all charges and expenses and that the realities don’t bolster Swanson’s claims.

“We’re focused on our clients in Minnesota, and it’s imperative to us to ensure clients totally comprehend the items and administrations they arrange,” said organization representative Jill Hornbacher.

The lawyer general’s grumblings return “quite a long while” and the workplace “has to a great extent overlooked our endeavors to cooperate to address them,” she included.

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