Until now, If you haven’t discovered models this article perhaps is meant to be read. Until now, If you haven’t seen hottest man alive this man, Karan Oberoi is meant to be known.

Meet one of the most handsome male models from Indian modelling industry Karan Oberoi who has worked for some of the best commercial brands and designer labels, and has walked three hundred plus fashion shows across globally.

This handsome male model has also graced the cover of top fashion and fitness magazines is definitely rare to find, the complete package of style and fitness that he delivers to the world as a model. Oberoi is also the most followed model from India on Instagram till date. This Supermodel and social media star has some exceptional content that makes his fans go crazy. From fitness videos to hot images all get likes in thousands and gets flood of comments.

This hot package made of style, adorable lean physique and sizzling looks is a craziest chic you shall find, where majority of boys and young men wants to be as charming as him and certainly considers model Karan Oberoi as their role model and girls find him extremely hot.His success as a top model made him India’s highest earning male model and the only chap to be branded as “Fashion and fitness model”.

Recently model Karan Oberoi had shared pictures from his recent lean look on his Instagram handle @thekaranoberoi that had made his fans go crazy on no time. Karan is majorly known to have a big muscular built being a top fitness model. Karan has experimented with all sort of looks from leaner to muscular hunk all looks great on him. But these pictures are just adorable that forced us to share here on our news portal.

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