There are not a lot of youth icons these days because they fail to stand up to the expectations of the people and accomplish goals. If you think on a wider scale, whom would you look up to in your life? Obviously, you would certainly not look up to an individual who has not accomplished a lot in his or her life, the most influential ones are certainly looked up upon in our society owing to their characteristics.

As it is popularly said by one of the most renowned CEOs, age is just a number and a person’s age certainly does not portray their qualities or ability. Currently Mohit Behl is only 22 years old and he is freshly out of college. Even though he is quite a young man, he has accomplished a lot, more than what the common people do at this particular age.
“I think it is because of the motivation and common mindset that I grew up in, I had my brother who has constantly supported me and accompanied me in achieving the goals that we had in our minds. Now when I think about it, I remember while we were growing up, instead of having doubts whether we will be successful or not, I thought about the different plans that I could implement in my life to make sure that I do not fail. So if there is something that the younger generation can learn from us, it is that instead of spending your time worrying about your future, spend a lot of time formulating the strategies. That is the trick, most professional and successful people will not let you in on their secrets but I know the true value of a good advice and I want to prosper, and I want others to derive motivation from this.” Says Mohit Behl.
When Mohit Behl was a board student, he had a specific plan. It was a simple one, to be involved in business activities that are not just profitable, but also educational. He started earning and used to make around 20,000 a month back in the days. One can only imagine having that kind of money.
In order to be an active professional, Mohit Behl wanted to pursue a degree in computer engineering to know more about certain specific subjects like technology, Android, Java, C++, PHP, and so on. Without the active use of this, nobody can have a stable career.
Besides being skilled in computer programming languages and specific technology, Mohit Behl has been actively working in websites that he himself has built by investing in it through his hard earned money. Even his Facebook page has made around 20-25 million traffic, connecting people from various looks in life. If there is one thing this young man knows, it is how to get work done in various platforms of social media. Is it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or any other handle? You name it, he has done it.
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