Monica Crowley is one of the most prominent names in conservative politics. Beyond that, she cannot be ignored as an important figure in our American standard of what is currently happening in our political and social realm. What she has done for our country and what she has reported has been crucial to the discourse in American politics and to ensuring the message of conservatism is clearly upheld in the mainstream media.

While it can be difficult to condense all that Monica Crowley has contributed to the American people,some of her highlights include:

·         She served as Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs for the United States Department of Treasury.

·         She is a well-known political commutator and lobbyist.

·         She is also an avid contributor to Fox news. She has been contributing to their coverage from 1996-2017.

·         She has also worked as an online contributor and editor for important sources such as The Washington Times, as well as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Monica Crowley was born on September 19th, 1968. She was born on an Army Base in Arizona. Following the path of many army brats, she moved often but contributed most of her upbringing to living in New Jersey. Growing up, she did well in school and eventually continued to receive her B.A. in political science from Colgate University. She later went on to receive her Ph.D. in International relations from Columbia University.

If anyone can claim to have a fascinating career, that person is Monica Crowley. At an early age, at the very beginning of her career, she was writing letters for Nixon. Nixon had hired Monica Crowley as a research assistant in 1990. After his presidency, she published two books concerning Nixon and his presidency. Following her career writing for President Nixon, she wrote for the New York Post, The New Yorker, The Washington Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and the Baltimore Sun.

Monica Crowley made a name for herself through her writing. Following her early career with Nixon, she moved on to eventually become a New York Times bestseller. She has gone as far as to have her own podcast, which is known as, The Monica Cowley Show.

When it comes to Monica Crowley, she is best known for her time spent on popular television. She joined the Fox network back in 1996, and her contribution is next to impossible to measure. She even went as far as to take over Hannity. She has also guest appeared in numerous different shows sponsored by Fox. To say that her opinion is valued would be to take it lightly. She remained to this day a major contributor.

Donald Trump Support

While many can be listed and attributed to their support of the Trump campaign and presidency, one of the top names known by the majority of American’s is Monica Crowley. While her official place in the Trump legacy may be short-lived, her contributions remain strong. According to Crowley, President Trump gave rise to another generation of populists, economic nationalists, who are doing the right thing by the American worker…but we need more of them.” Monica Crowley understands the importance of your day-to-day worker. She knows that America’s backbone does not lie with political figures. She always stood with your average joe, seen clearly through her interactions with President Trump.

Crowley often supported President Trump’s views, including how the average American worker was seen and appreciated. She supported Trump in his ideology to stimulate the economy by bringing jobs back to America. While Trump wanted the American worker to thrive, Biden was seen as having the Chinese in his back pocket, and with that, striving to make our country a communist country. Crowley was a major supporter of the strength of the American worker.

Crowley saw something in the Trump campaign that not everyone did. She saw that he wanted the American people to take back their confidence in relying on themselves. She stood for what she believed and stood strong and supported many of his political campaigns, especially when it comes to our economy. We have seen one of our strongest economies while Trump was in charge. Even though he is no longer our president, his ideals and desires remain. All it takes is a strong figure to continue to strive for the betterment of America.

Her support did not go unnoticed, nor did her loyalty. Trump appointed Monica Crowley as Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs in the Treasury Department on July 16th of 2019.

Monica Crowley has led a fascinating career, to say the least. Even while working under Nixon in her early twenties, she showed great promise. Fast forward to years later, she became one of the leading contributors to the FOX network. During his presidency, President Trump valued her thoughts and opinions. She has dedicated her life and career to the greater knowledge of the American People and is a proud citizen.

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