Motivational speaker Michael Timothy Johnson on how his online courses will help people reinvigorate their lives

Motivational speaker Michael Timothy Johnson on how his online courses will help people reinvigorate their lives

We are creatures of habit. We are also creatures of change. Both things can be acquired. Both can be difficult. However, if you are seriously determined to become a better version of yourself, you’re already halfway through your journey. The other half may require guidance. That’s where motivational speakers like Michael Timothy Johnson (MTJ) come in. With his online courses, Michael aims to reinvigorate the lives of young men. Empowered with self-confidence and compassion, MTJ believes that anyone can improve themselves if they realize that it’s possible.

MTJ believes in developing the Alpha Mentality. His online courses focus on helping people develop a mindset that’s positive, strong, and ready for life’s challenges. He says, “Nobody knows everything. We all can use a bit of help to improve upon ourselves. As a motivational speaker and coach, I like to remind people to trust themselves, not their temptations. Temptations come and go. But you have to live with yourself for the rest of your life. This immutable fact hits home and encourages my listeners to take their life in their control. That control is the result of the alpha mentality. It’s the crux and essence of all my courses.”

His courses have a personal touch. They help the participants identify their problems, and with the help of healthy and open discussions create a plan of action to follow. Talking about his course, MTJ says, “I have designed my course for anyone willing to improve. Everyone has a personal history and comes from different emotional and mental states. The course helps them figure out, understand, and accept their current location in terms of their head and heart. Once they know that, the course helps them understand that now, they can make a conscious choice. That they can continue to remain where they are, or they can choose change and better habits if they wish to improve themselves and develop an alpha mentality. My courses, by means of exercises that strengthen the mind and, via open and honest conversations, open up people to their own potential. In some sense, they show people their true colors – that they can become strong and smart individuals who are in control of their life.”

MTJ’s online courses have proved especially useful during the lockdown period when many individuals felt the need for guidance and inspiration. These courses are perfect for anyone who wants to say yes to life and hello to a new and improved version of themselves.

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