Sergio Buniac, president of Motorola and senior vice president of Lenovo Mobile Business, recently discussed his plans for the company’s smartphone division. With the exception of China, he hopes to rank Motorola among the top three smartphone brands globally. Buniac claims that the business has consistently held the third spot in both the Latin American and North American markets.

Motorola is taking steps and is already seeing success

The company will make three significant changes to its business strategies in accordance with the “Gladiator Project,” an internal plan that was unveiled by the official. First and foremost, it will concentrate on growing its company, paying particular attention to markets outside of Latin America and North America. This will be a big departure from the business’s prior contraction plan.

Second, the business will concentrate on using its Razr and Edge series smartphones to tighten its hold on the premium smartphone market. The partnership with companies like Bose and Pantone is also aimed at B2B and Gen Z users, particularly female users.

The company has already seen success with the redesigned tactics. According to reports, the Moto Razr 40 range from the previous year shipped five times as many units as its predecessor. The company had a 12% year-over-year rise in smartphone activations in the 2023–24 fiscal year, with 25% of those activations coming from high-end phones. The EMEA and Asia-Pacific regions have seen revenue increases of 40% and 88%, respectively. In the previous six years, Sergio Buniac thinks Motorola’s smartphone business has evolved from a “fighting for survival” to a “fighting for victory” status.

The corporation held 6% and a staggering 24% of the market share in the US and Latin America, respectively, in Q4 2022. During that time, the business was ranked second in Latin America, after Samsung. On the other hand, the company’s hold on the Chinese market is not as strong.

Additionally, the business is aiming to incorporate artificial intelligence into its devices to a greater extent. In the near future, cellphones will provide a personalised user experience driven by artificial intelligence, according to Sergio Buniac’s predictions.

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