It is impossible to talk about the steps of “how to become an art blogger” and not emphasize the importance of content. Producing high quality content is the cornerstone of your success among art bloggers. You must have heard “content is king”; So you should not make people tired of reading your posts or watching your videos. Attractive content is the main reason for attracting the back people of an art blogger and basically all kinds of bloggers.

EDIE formula

One of the formulas that can help you create is the EDIE formula. This formula contains some of the most important metrics of entertaining content:





For best results, include two or more EDIE criteria in each post. Not all content needs to meet all criteria; But the more, the better! Don’t forget that you are asking yourself “How to become an art blogger” to attract more audiences. You can choose from three main themes;

The first week

In the first week you can talk about your new job or what you do in the studio. Try to write as you speak, including (detailed) pictures and descriptions of your work process.

second week

Next week, talk about something. For example, a movie you have seen recently, a quote you like, or a new event that is not preferably controversial; Yes, we mean news of kidnapping

Third week

For the next theme, you can go beyond your life outside of art. Things like lifestyle, self-improvement, yoga, travel, pets, popular books and things like that. Art bloggers attract a lot of fans by doing this. Because they love to know other aspects of the life of their favorite art blogger.

Be the creator of the content, not the content recycler

We hope that when you ask how to become an art blogger, the temptation to create a blog just to cover current art world news or topics that other art bloggers write about has not overwhelmed you. In the long run, this will ensure your failure. Why? Here are the explanations:

To begin with, many art bloggers always do this. So it will not be easy to differentiate in such an atmosphere. Most importantly, having a few news-centric posts is not bad, but you should see them as posts that expire in a month (or less)

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