The judges Anupam Mittal and Amit Jain once more shown some animosity in the most recent episode of Shark Tank India season two. Namita Thapar advised him not to be “harsh” with them after hearing the latter’s remarks to a pitcher.

In the programme from last Friday, Hinshra Manadath Habeeb and Yuba Mohammed Romin Aga made a pitch for their haircare company and requested Rs 75 lakh for 2.5% equity. The two women discussed their business operations and their distinct sales and profit models while residing in two different places. The business strategy didn’t seem to have won over the judges.

After some discussion, Amit and Vineeta came up with a joint offer of Rs 20 lakh for 20% ownership and Rs 20 lakh in loan at 12% interest. Anupam entered the picture abruptly and made the business owners an offer of Rs. 40 lakh for 20% stock. He informed them that he does not desire for them to obtain a loan. The pitchers chose to accept his offer instead of Amit and Vineeta’s. Amit made fun of Anupam by saying, “Yeh toh out ho chuke the, inko interest koi nahi tha (He opted out of the contract and he had no interest in this business)” during the entire affair. Anupam disregarded his remark.

Season two of Shark Tank India is now on television. The first season of the programme was a huge success and included businessman Ashneer Grover on the panel of judges. Grover did not, however, appear in the second season of the programme.

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