The FMSCI Drag racing championship is one of the most coveted championships in India. Every year, numerous riders take part in said championship and try to win the prestigious title. For those who are familiar with the drag racing scene in India, the name Hemanth Muddappa is not unheard of. He is the winner of seven national level titles.

Hemanth is based out of Coorgi and is a veteran rider. He not only owns numerous championship titles but holds national level records for the fastest time on the drag strip. At this year’s championship, he broke yet another record which he himself held set back in 2019. He tracked the fastest time in the under 1051 cc category with 7.914 seconds on the clock and was riding a green #93 BMW S1000RR.

Hemanth was previously quoted saying, “It’s a feeling that I can’t quite describe. The fact that I broke my own record is amazing because to me, it means that I’ve grown as a rider and have improved. Of course all this just didn’t happen on 7.9 seconds, that was a result of countless hours of training, tuning, improving and experimenting.”

He said that it made him happy to see that his hard work paying off and that even after winning seven titles, the feeling of crossing the finish line before any other competitors is fresh for him every single time. He added that he believes in giving his all when he is on the track so doesn’t have any regrets later.

Apart from being a national level record holder, Hemanth also owns a supplement brand called 1Up Nutrition which is geared towards athletes. Keep an eye out for Hemanth as he aims to break many more records in the future and bag more titles.

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