Netflix is allowing watchers to overlook the visuals of shows and movies totally and go full audio. In an update originally spotted by XDA-Developers and afterward Android Police, Netflix has begun revealing a audio-only mode for its Android application clients.

When viewing a video, subscribers will see a “video off” button at the highest point of the full-screen video player. When the video is turned off, a clear screen will show up alongside the entirety of the playback controls, similar to a scrub bar, forward and in reverse buttons, and speed changes. You can see that screen below, thanks to Android Police.

There’s likewise a audio-off choice in the application’s settings, which allows watchers to choose whether they generally need the sound off or just when they’re utilizing earphones or outer speakers.

It’s unclear when all Android clients may get this update; two Verge staff members couldn’t get to the sound just mode presently.

This is an interesting update, however, on the off chance that simply because sound is having a second. There is, obviously, all the buzz around the podcasting business and Spotify’s efforts to overwhelm it, yet additionally Twitter launching audio tweets and applications like Clubhouse and TikTok focusing in on sound as basic to their prosperity. They wouldn’t have expected Netflix to incorporate a sound just mode, however on the off chance that it needs individuals to invest more energy on the application, that implies supporting them in circumstances when they can’t completely focus on a screen.

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