New Delhi: We’re back with the latest news from the Bigg Boss house after another day. When Archana uses wheat flour to make chapatis in the beginning of the episode, Nimrit and the latter engage into a heated quarrel. As their debate intensifies, Nimrit asserts that Archana only amps things up for attention. You all eat the chapatis that I make, according to Archana, yet you still criticise me.

Shiv joins the discussion and backs Nimrit. Next, Bigg Boss calls Priyanka in the confessional and asks who she wants to rule. Shiv, she says, because he acts like someone else. Shiv adopts Priyanka’s name in a similar way.

The task is cancelled as a result of Priyanka’s statement that she does not want to blast while holding Sumbul’s cassette. As a result of Bigg Boss’ announcement that Nimrit is still the house captain, she is the first competitor to advance to finale week.

Shalin, in the meantime, complains to Bigg Boss about not being made captain and declares, “Forget about the captain’s room; I simply have this sofa on which I’m resting.”

That’s it for now; check back soon for more information!

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