In life, certain events, such as buying a car or paying for children’s education, require a large budget. If you need the money on short notice, you can apply for a loan without a credit check. Very simple to operate, this loan is easier to obtain.

What is a personal loan without a credit check?

Applying for a loan without a credit check is the assurance that your financial situation and your credit habits will not be the subject of any official investigation.

Therefore, the bank or the lending institution will not ask to consult your credit report to check your score and measure your ability to repay the loan. In principle, you will only need to apply, most often online, to obtain the loan.

It is therefore an easy loan to obtain, often within very short deadlines. Indeed, the money will be quickly deposited into your bank account.

In addition, this type of credit is generally an unallocated personal loan. Which means you can use it however you see fit, to fund a family event, travel, or any similar expense. The lender will therefore not seek to verify the use you make of his loan.

Precautions to be taken

If the bank can grant you a personal loan without a credit check, on more flexible terms, it does take certain precautions. It thus ensures that any over-indebtedness does not affect your repayment capacity.

To do this, the lending institution can consult the files of the Central Individual Credit Register, which provides certain information on the financial situation of the persons concerned.

Upon completion of this review, the loan may be refused. This is the case, for example, if the borrower is subject to a collective debt settlement, legal procedure allowing their repayment.

For his part, the person applying for a personal loan without a credit check must also be careful. She should only apply for such a loan if she has previously verified her ability to repay it.

In addition, the borrower has no interest in accepting the first loan offered to him. On the contrary, he must take his time to compare offers and choose the loan that meets his expectations and offers the best quality / price ratio.

Supporting documents required

Even if the lender does not consult the credit report and does not engage in any specific investigation, it does request certain documents from the person applying for a personal loan without a credit check.

She must first provide a copy of her identity card and a document serving as proof of address. It must also communicate certain account statements to the lender.

Their examination allows the lending institution to ensure that the borrower’s situation is healthy. These statements are also necessary for the transfer, to the bank account, of the sums represented by the credit, at least if it is granted.

The borrower must still provide the lender with his last pay slips. These documents make it possible to assess the borrower’s income and therefore to measure his ability to repay the loan requested.

A very widely granted loan

It should be noted that even people subject to a banking ban can apply for, and sometimes obtain, apply online for no credit check loans.

Indeed, the granting of this loan does not imply, on the part of the grantor, any control over the use that will be made of the money granted.

Finally, this type of loan is not reserved for individuals. Legal persons, such as associations or companies, can request it.

Why take out a consumer credit without proof?

Taking out such credit offers greater freedom. In fact, with affected credit, you are permanently accountable. By opting for consumer credit without proof, you use your money in complete freedom and can have fun or put aside to be sure to have a little money in the event of a hard blow. Note that a credit without a pay slip remains possible, but the financial organization will remain cautious insofar as it remains attentive to the financial situation of the borrower. Also, for a loan without a pay slip, you will have to be able to justify that you are in possession of the funds and to block them in order to guarantee the loan – this is particularly the case, for example for seniors with funds.

What impacts the price of your consumer credit?

The price of a consumer loan is impacted by the interest rate. In fact, it is he who will determine the cost of your credit; it is always interesting to look, before signing, this rate as well as the total cost of the credit. It is also the duration that will have an impact. Finally, borrower insurance is very important even if it is not compulsory.

You can fill in the fields of our credit simulator to instantly obtain an estimate of the future monthly payments of your credit without proof:

 Example of a credit simulation without proof : if you borrow 10,000 euros to finance your trip around the world, your monthly payments will amount to approximately 223 euros over 48 months with a fixed APR of 3.65% .d

What are the acceptance conditions?

If you want to take out a consumer loan without proof, you must present a solid file to your bank. For this, it is important to meet a few criteria.

  • Have a stable job
  • Receive a regular salary
  • Avoid bank overdrafts
  • Do not accumulate debts
  • Have a good savings capacity
  • Not to be registered with the Banque de France

How to get revolving credit when you are unemployed?

All consumer loans, regardless of their nature and amount, are granted subject to income conditions. This guarantee required by lending institutions ensures that the sums borrowed will actually be reimbursed. It is therefore difficult for the unemployed to obtain a favorable response to a request for revolving credit .

However, no legal prohibition exists for the unemployed wishing to make a loan without proof of salary. However, it will be necessary to succeed in convincing credit organizations, by presenting the right arguments: limited repayment period, unemployment benefits, etc.