The up and coming 18 year old artist Ohdes (Georgio Boerenbrink) just announced on his instagram account (@ohdesmusic) that he will be remastering his first ever song released under his stage name Ohdes called; “Lucid Dreams”. As this was his first single and he removed almost all of his singles he said that he wanted to remaster some of his songs and re-release them in the future. Today (23-3-2020) he announced that he will bring more life to his very first song Lucid Dreams on his instagram story.

There is no further information of how the Lucid Dreams remaster is going to sound like but news stations interviewed him earlier and he told them that he will be remastering and re-releasing some of his old songs with maybe vocalists and new sounds. So could this be a sign that he will put a vocalist on his first ever released song Lucid Dreams?

And what other songs will Ohdes remaster and re-release in the near future? Will he bring back some of his most known songs “Let Me Be (Feat. Marifa)” or maybe “Horizon” and any other songs? We will keep you up to date with any new news about Ohdes and his music. He will also put new announcements on his social media.

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