The incubator already has several startups under its belt, including the pet application PiccoPets

SINGAPORE – Omni Spectrum launches OMNI Innovation Club by Omni Spectrum Ventures, a startup incubator, accelerator and venture builder that assists aspiring innovators to succeed in the business world, with the office space located at VIIO@Balestier, Singapore.

OMNI Innovation Club nurtures budding entrepreneurs through a 3-month incubation programme. The programme provides mentorship for its incubatees, who will gain the opportunity to receive advice and guidance from a pool of industry experts in various fields. The programme focuses on developing creative solutions to solve real-world issues, and seeks to collaborate with enterprises which pursue such a purpose, to build a community of problem-solvers.

The Club is affiliated with Innovation Club Fribourg, Switzerland, which boasts a rich network of successful enterprises and has 7 partner universities. The affiliation allows for a cross-border exchange of resources, and enables the incubatees from OMNI Innovation Club to connect with a more diverse network of entrepreneurs and investors.

“Enabling, empowering, and assisting growth are my key focus. With my international exposure and my network, I am thrilled to bring an international dimension to the Omni Innovation Club by linking it up with the Innovation Club Fribourg, which groups 7 Swiss universities,” says Gabriel de Andrade, co-founder of Innovation Club Fribourg.

The programme also provides other resources for its innovators, including free office space in a vibrant co-working environment located in the heart of Singapore.  The space features 12 studios, 2 meeting rooms and plenty of areas for entrepreneurs to interact, occupying the entire third floor of VIIO@Balestier.

Regular sharing sessions and workshops will be hosted, featuring successful entrepreneurs, to inculcate skills and encourage networking among the startup founders. Throughout the programme, founders will develop their ideas and finally pitch their innovation to a selected panel of investors with the aim of receiving more funding to scale their businesses.

Jeanette Lim, co-founder of Omni Spectrum Ventures, expressed, “We are excited to empower these passionate and forward-thinking entrepreneurs, and build a community that is dedicated to creating innovative solutions for a better tomorrow.”

Promising entrepreneurs who are already onboard

PiccoPets, a platform for individuals to post and look for missing pets.

“Our team has a strong passion for pets and animals, and we found that there was a gap in the existing pet care ecosystem. That’s why we created PiccoPets, to be the one-stop platform for all things related to pets. We’re looking forward to scaling our company to serve a bigger community under the guidance of OMNI Innovation Club,” said Kenji Zhuang, founder of PiccoPets. OMNI Innovation Club receive fresh intakes every 3.5 months. Applications are now open at its website,

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