Fortnite’s getting an graphics update soon, at any rate for certain players. On Sept. 17, Nvidia will dispatch an entire set-up of new graphical updates generally engaged around continuous ray tracing.

Real-time ray tracing is one of the mark highlights of Nvidia’s RTX setup of cards, just as AMD’s up and coming designs cards.

The new highlights incorporate ray-traced reflections with shiny glass surfaces that will show what’s behind you progressively, beam followed shadows for more practical dimness and definite shadows, and a large group of other lighting updates.

Nvidia has even made a custom Fortnite map called the RTX Treasure Run. This guide is planned with the assistance of individuals from the Fortnite Creative people group to let players chase for treasure in a domain intended to exhibit a portion of the constant beam following highlights.

So as to utilize the entirety of Fortnite’s new Nvidia refreshes, players should have an illustrations card viable with continuous beam following. This incorporates Nvidia’s RTX line, from the Geforce 2060 as far as possible up to the Geforce 2080 Ti, and proceeds through the as of late reported Geforce 3070, 3080, and 3090.

A couple of Nvidia’s more seasoned GTX cards are fit for software ray-tracing too, however Nvidia proposes adhering to RTX cards. AMD will likewise have its own line of new designs cards able to do real-time ray tracing coming out at some point soon.

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