After many, numerous years, you would now be able to start a Chromecast stream from the Spotify application for work area. You’ve for quite some time had the option to control Chromecast streams that were started from the iOS and Android applications (by means of Spotify Connect), yet now you can start those streams legitimately from your Windows or Mac desktop.

The news comes by means of Spotify Rock Star MattSuda — as they note, you’ll discover the feature in desktop application variant 1.1.38.

In this adaptation, you can essentially utilize the standard thing “devices available” menu to see accessible Chromecast gadgets.

This element is bound to happen. In case you’re a standard Chromecast client — as they are — you’ll likely identify with the disappointment of not having the option to begin a Chromecast stream from your desktop.

Actually, this was one of the advantages of running the Spotify mobile application in Chrome OS desktop, and running the iOS variant on an Apple Silicon Mac would have permitted this usefulness too.

Fortunately, it would appear that we’ll all eternity have the option to begin those Cast streams directly from the desktop — no workarounds required.

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