Once You Recognise The Strengths And Weaknesses, There’s No Stopping You – Achin Srivastava

It is a rather long inspirational story but every bit is worth the read. Achin Srivastava has been successfully practicing Digital Marketing for quite some time now. This is because he was already deeply invested in the Sciences as well as technology from a very young age, he knew it the first time he opted for science stream in 11th grade. It all began very early off, as he managed to gain experience in enterprises and also among people. Since his father is a retired assistant commissioner from the customs central excise Department, he got to experience the various cultures of India, travelling across cities and meeting new sets of people in a couple of years. When he finally got to graduate, he managed to pursue a degree in agricultural studies from Sam Higginbottom University of agriculture, technology and science. It was the roots in learning about the Internet that brought him up to digital marketing, ultimately leading him to establish a career in this.

There is a lot that goes into Achin Srivastava’s personality. We are already very well aware of his background, the fact that he travelled almost throughout India made him very sensitive to different cultures and he has advantaged greatly by building a strong network, connecting important people, friends and family. Currently he is partnered as business manager in Gratify Digital and also works along with a number of SEO projects of various clients that include Hiht Institute, SKMI, SkratchDJ. He was pretty smart and started with CPA soon after graduating. He has also worked on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. What an experienced digital marketer! If only every digital marketer strived to be as good as Mr Srivastava.

Besides this, he has a personality which is completely unique. He has never judged an individual on any basis, and has a strong faith in humanity believing that everyone has a right to exist in their own way. Moreover, Achin Srivastava never backs out from helping a person in need. He contributes to the social issues that happen around him, be it national or international, showing his concern on social media and sharing the correct opinion on the matters. He is a people’s person, well liked for his views and the way he respects every individual, big or small, no matter who they are. 

Where would you find such a strong and challenging digital marketer? He has a positive energy around him that inspires others to aim for the best. If he keeps up the good work, he is sure to achieve greater things in life, this is just the beginning of his success journey.

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