Working as a proprietary strategist, Mr. Clement Knight has been able to enjoy a dynamic career where he adjusts his services to fit the needs of different businesses. As an experienced proprietor strategist, it is of great importance that Clement Knight and other professionals in the industry adapt to changes taking place in their respective fields while consulting business owners and investors who are always looking to improve specific areas of importance.

Popular in the industry for executing commitments to both clients and the public alike, Clement Knight has helped a number of people get the desired result. Knight is an entrepreneur, licensed stockbroker, and securities principal and worked in fund management and Capital markets for a considerable period of time. With an experience of more than 25 years in the financial industries, versatility is his strongest pursuit. What makes Mr. Knight so immaculate in his business is his ability to execute short-term strategies as well as identify opportunities for long-term gains by studying underlying market trends.

Born in Brooklyn, Mr. Clement Knight’s family is from Panama and moved to New York for a better life. He is a former High School and college athlete.It is so inspirational to see what Mr. Knight has been able to achieve in his business endeavors.

Nothing is more inspirational than talking to a hard-working individual has already established multiple businesses and could help you multiply your results as well. As of now, Mr. Knight is putting his hard work and financial knowledge into venture capital investments. Ozmarq Holdings Limited, a venture fund management company known for managing private wealth and making the right investments.

Ozmarq Holdings Ltd is the manager of OHL Ventures Fund, his private equity venture capital fund. This fund is for accredited investors only and provides investments into late-stage private companies before they come public. OHL Ventures fund also provides access to Private Debt offerings with a steady rate of return for income-seeking investors who wish to invest in short-term high-yield investment opportunities.

He also runs the Sova crypto index fund which makes it easier for people to invest in crypto. Mr. Knight has developed strategies that help capitalize on broad market shifts because he uses micro and macro trends to do so. Mr. Knight has helped clients gain access to a platform that offers retail investors many of the same opportunities as institutional investors by working through the ins and outs of the industry, both current and potential.

Supervisory Jurisdiction with over 30 licensed representatives at one point. He has trained developed and sponsored many successful financial consultants. Created presentations training and marketing materials for his staff of brokers. He organized seminars related to product recognition and organization in the branches he supervised. Mr. Knight was responsible for hiring administrative personnel, interns, broker trainees, and licensed representatives.

He oversaw all expenses for his branch offices, including financial records and budgeting. All while maintaining and building his personal clients assets. Mr. Knight is a recipient of the Annual Diamond Achiever Award for Top Producing Brokers. In addition to this honor, he also holds series 7, 24, and 63 securities licenses.

Mr. Knight also devotes his time and efforts to philanthropy and helps the youth of today to lead better lives. Mr. Knight is deeply rooted in his community with political and financial ties. His company FBO Investments is a financial literacy company that helps economically underserved urban minorities by encouraging them to take advantage of market trends, geopolitical and cyclical events, and cycles so as to improve their lives. We hope that Mr. Knight’s business thrives even more and continues to impact the lives of many individuals.
You can follow Mr. Knight on Instagram here: @therealtheoz, @fboinvestments

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