Peabo J is here to showcase his artistry with his much-awaited 2021 EP release titled “Life of a Libra”

“Music is touches you where words cant.” Good music is an organic consequence of quality of talent , approach towards it and the ability to put in heart and soul to push your passion.

Young Pop Artist Peabo J is one such talented singer who turned tables with his urge to succeed and come out with brilliant music for the audience to have an amazing experience .

Besides upbeat music, it’s Peabo J’s take on melodies that makes his music stand out. Born and brought up in Selma, Alabama, Peabo J discovered his passion in music early on. Coming from a musical background, he not only inherits the beautiful gift of music but also the dedication to persevere.

Through the years he has worked hard to master his craft. Peaobo J’s music is a classic blend of styles inspired by Michael Jackson to Usher . His blend of dance pop, Blues and soulful R&b always strikes chords with his audience who not only acknowledge his work but all give love and countless views.

Peabo J’s life reached a turning point when his release “Freak 4 u ” turned out to me a massive YouTube hit with over one million views .This marked the beginning of great achievements. His pop dance beat and top 40 hit “Party the night away.” Also became a raging sensation.

His latest single was no exception with over 80k views within a very small duration. Peabo J’s success story serves as a true testament that hardwork breeds success. With his song “Life of Libra” coming soon, Peabo J is all set to win hearts yet again

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