Pierdavid Palumbo, the huge singer of a new genre called electro swing turns out to be the first electro crooner in the world, he is Italian and has become international with his world tours and appearances on tv, he made his debut in 1996 with his father and in 1997 he produced his first duet album entitled lucky event.

Pierdavid has an original look and a unique warm voice, recognizable from the first notes, proves to be very versatile singing from classic, to jazz, rock up to his new electro swing project, his voice is perfect in any genre, as if he could only sing that, and then surprises with something new leaving his fans always surprised, in a classic it can make you dream, move, like in an electro swing it makes you smile, it gives you that joy and serenity of a true confidential singer.

Pierdavid before his success was also an entertainer in the villages where in the evening he performed and improvised cabaret and comedy shows.

He is invited to an important talk show and performs with Havana on tv, with numerous television appearances also with historia de un amor in duo with his father in two different languages, and the tour in Cuba with that’s life, has produced street life with the well-known musician Eric Daniel who has collaborated with various artists such as Steve Wonder, Tony Bennett, Ella Fitzgerald and many others, all produced in Rome.

Also winner of a award in France as an artistic creation of best arrangement, with judges from all over the world giving him top marks, Pierdavid later forms a big band and performs in french territory.

Pierdavid has grown up quickly on social media with his great artistic talent, and his personality, and it is constantly evolving.

The electro swing is a mix between the new and the old, with jazz sounds and electro rhythm, Pierdavid claims to have listened to many instrumentals on this genre before trying to sing on it, his first electro swing single is my way by Frank Sinatra that has become viral on all social media making everyone dance, in the show he presents his dancers who have danced his song from all over the world, in the shuffle version.

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