Platinum Peek Productions- Award Winning San Luis Obispo Based Media Agency led by the Dickens Brothers

Platinum Peek Productions- Award Winning San Luis Obispo Based Media Agency led by the Dickens Brothers

Just in a small span of four years, Platinum Peek Productions has become an award-winning media agency with over five documentaries of their own. It is difficult to believe that the brothers started in a dormitory room and have since created space for themselves in the digital marketing industry. They have also made an award winning documentary called Two Magic Drops, a film that highlights Rotary International’s efforts to provide polio vaccinations to children in India.

In the year 2016, when Eriksen was 21 and Soren was just 19 years old, they started their company while attending college at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Though they made movies as kids for fun, sports eventually took over their priorities. When their sports careers ended while they were in college due to injuries, they decided to get back into filmmaking again. So they put their money together and purchased a camera and a drone.

Initially, they started out making music videos, documentaries, promotional videos, event videos, and even doing wedding videography. After 3 years of dedication and hard work, they increased their team size to six and have expanded their clientele nationwide. They are now primarily focused on making ad videos, to help businesses enhance their digital presence and produce more revenue.

The brothers have increased their scale of operations and now can manage up to 40 projects at a time. This has been a result of refining not only their scope of work, but also establishing the systems that allow for such expansion. Both brothers can’t believe that they used to do it all, just the two of them. Adding more team members and building out their systems has allowed for not only more consistent income, but less physical labor the brothers had to once endure.

Platinum Peek Productions has become a legit storytelling agency for businesses and brands alike. Based out of San Luis Obispo, California, they have travelled to places like Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Ohio, Florida, and Hawaii to serve clients in need of video content. With no end in sight, the brothers hope to continue helping businesses expand their revenue while continuing to create meaningful creative films of their own.

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