Pokemon Go: Mega Raid Guide- Every Mega Raid boss and Best Counters

Pokemon Go: Mega Raid Guide- Every Mega Raid boss and Best Counters

Super Evolution has at long last shown up in Pokemon Go. With this new element, players currently can change certain Pokemon into new, more impressive structures.

To do that, in any case, you’ll first need to gather that monster’s Mega Energy, and the essential method to acquire that is through Mega Raids, another kind of Raid Battle that sets major parts in opposition to a Mega-Evolved Pokemon.

These Raids can be very testing, so to get you out, we’ve gathered together a few hints to assist you with vanquishing each of the new Mega Raid bosses.

What Are Mega Raids?

Mega Raids are another level of Raid Battles that will intermittently happen at Gyms. These are generally comparable to Legendary Raids regarding challenge, aside from they highlight a Mega-Evolved Pokemon as the Raid boss.

On the off chance that you can overcome the Mega-Evolved Pokemon, you’ll get its Mega Energy, which you’ll have to Mega Evolve your own Pokemon.

The quicker you rout the Raid boss, the more Mega Energy and different prizes you’ll win after the fight. You’ll additionally get an opportunity to get the Raid chief (in its norm, non-Mega-Evolved structure).

Mega Raid Bosses And Counters

Right now, there are four potential bosses you can experience in Mega Raids: Mega Venusaur, Mega Charizard X, Mega Charizard Y, and Mega Blastoise. Each is about comparable to Legendary Pokemon as far as their quality and CP, so you’ll have to collaborate with different players and bring the fitting counters before testing them.

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