Pooja Bhatt gets steamy with Rahul Bose after 19 years

The ravishing Pooja Bhatt long missing from the screen is back in the famously captivating web series Bombay Begums on Netflix.

“What’s more, take a gander at the occurrence. I have Rahul Bose as my co-star again in my rebound job. The last time I confronted the camera, it was for Everybody Says I’m Fine in 2002 which was with Rahul and coordinated by Rahul,” laughs Pooja at the essential changes of life during a protracted meeting with me.

Without parting with the plot it would be do the trick to say that Pooja and Rahul share many cozy minutes together. Indeed Rahul Bose’s visitor appearance in Bombay Begums is just about a sign for some uncompromising PDA (private presentation of friendship).

“By one way or another our fates are entwined,” Pooja moans.

Pooja was offered a part in Rahul Bose’s first time at the helm in 2011: “The last individual who was sufficiently daring to project me was Rahul Bose in Everybody Says I’m Fine. He gave me no decision. He is my dearest companion. I trusted in him about how baffled I was by the matter of film and fame. He offered me a job. I was astounded. ‘What sort of a companion right? I just revealed to you I’m tired of the business and you’re offering me a role???!!!’ He demanded that no one but I could play Tanya in Everybody Says I Am Fine. In any case, I am so happy he demanded. I’m obligated to him.

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