Pooria Ghohroodi is the sponsor of the (Traditional And Industrial ) film

Pooria Ghohroodi is the sponsor of the (Traditional And Industrial ) film

Pooria Ghohroodi Born and raised in Tehran ( shemiranat )Instant Sponsor These days, the headlines of news magazines and news sites announced this time that they are sponsoring a Traditional and industrial movie. Made and tried all styles of music with his friend more than ten times to be able to create a new and artistic work. This film, which is actually a real documentary based on the life of Mohsen Avid ( mohsen parhizkar ) and Javad Safaee , shows the effort of The break between the two youngsters is in terms of being able to combine old-style music with new-style ones.

Pooria Ghohroodi is one of the current sponsors and businesses of the world, which has also entered into direct business transactions with the world’s major automakers, such as BMW and Aston Martin.

Pouria entered business directly as a teenager. He started exchanging everything from buying and selling currency to gold and coins. To this day, he has been able to perform in the world car industry in the best possible way. Pouria announced in one of his interviews I love to fully support the talents, and in my opinion, Javad Safaee and Mohsen Avid are one of those who have not yet achieved what they deserve in the acting industry, so I decided to invest directly in I will do this film so that the result of this film will have a positive effect on the whole team.

According to the latest news that has been spread on the Twitter page of this young sponsor, regarding the investment in the music and artistry project, he has promised to launch a modern collection of artists as soon as possible to sign a contract with Artists have promised.

Who are the actors of industrial and traditional films?

Javad Safaee , a 20-year-old from Mashhad, is one of the famous characters in this film, and this film tells the real life story of Javad Safaei, Javad is the initiator of the combination of traditional and modern styles.

Mohsen Avid , an Iranian rapper living in Tehran province and working in the field of hip hop and rap, is another important part of this film, which shows the interesting events of this film by finding Javad and starting to discover the truths of music.

The film was started shooting in 2019, and so far its filming status has been prolonged due to the corona virus. It is a novelty to have the screening of this film on online movie sharing sites in the coming months.

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