Are you an adventure seeker but only got a bike? Do not worry; Prakash Dhingra is there for your inspiration. He is like a superman, fulfilling the roles of a biker and a banker side by side! The 39-year-old enthusiast was born in Tamil Nadu’s vibrant city of Tiruchirappalli. He lives the life of a king.

Prakash Dhingra helps start-up companies in managing the financial aspect of their business. He works as an investment banker who assists the global community in debt, leverage, credit and banking. His industry skills include financing services, handling financial markets, and dealing with financial risks like an excellent entrepreneur. Prakash also has his LinkedIn account, where you may connect with him to extend your financial market’s growth. He states 2021 to be the gloomiest phase of his life when he lost his grandfather and father. They were a massive support to him. But he survived the stage like a practical human being. Since then, he has worked more vigorously to support his career and family.

Prakash’s life as a biker is much more enjoyable. He never fails to entertain his followers through his biking adventures. He shows his fans that all you need is to select a “different path” in life. He has visited several places solely with the assistance of his bike. Prakash collaborates with several biking pages on Instagram. 

He states the competition days as “glorious days”. Prakash is a kid from the heart who wishes for nothing but free air. His enthusiasm to balance life’s severe and frank aspects awes his followers. This carefree personality fetches a large fan following on his Facebook and Instagram pages. He attained 203K fan-following on Instagram and approximately 10K fans on his Facebook! Besides all these, he is an exceptional inspiration to many youths!

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