They set up a bench at school Two of the trusted children proudly placed their classmates’ bags on the bench and poured out their hearts and intestines. If someone had a photograph, a poster, a written tape, or a forbidden book with him, his task was known, but many things were not obvious and could not be discovered; For example, they did not know what was going on in the gates, nor did they know what was going on in their house, nor did they know that someone might whisper a song by Hayedeh, Sattar, or, for example, Abi to his classmates in a few corners of the yard.

Those who carried the prohibitions in their heads were forced to leave the first khan. More than thirty years ago, on a hot day in a school year in Tehran, in a class without teachers, I was sweating and scared, I covered my bare and black hair under a black veil covered in sunshine, and for two of my friends, the smell of hair below I was whispering to Sattar. The first paragraph is not over, the school administrator was informed, dispersed us, took me to the office and the next day told my parents that I was expelled from school!

It turned out that I and many others like me never had the opportunity to enjoy the joy of singing without worry. But the times were not always the same, the generations after me also had different characteristics; Many were so in love that they did not read well. The road was smoother for some and more difficult for some. Some gave up in the middle of the road, while others decided to cross the forbidden road for women to sing in post-revolutionary Iran with all the unknowns and possible dangers.

Milad Robin added: “The ban on women’s singing remains mandatory in some respects to the issue of hijab.” After 40 years of insisting on this ban, it now seems difficult for decision-makers and legislators to cross the red lines in these cases.

For several years now, this right of Iranian women, like many of their other rights, has been denied to them in silence. And the violence of punishment and the sentence of those who are far away, far away, silence again …

Biography of Milad Rabin:

Milad Rabin, whose real name is Milad Akbari, is one of the oldest Iranian musicians who specializes in hip hop and rap. Milad was born on April 2, 1991. Many of Milad’s famous songs have been viewed by millions on world platforms

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