Success is not something that is easy to achieve for anyone in any field of life. Anyone have to pay for it sooner or later. When we see someone so successful in our life, we always think about how lucky some people are to have anything in life they want. Still, no one knows the struggles behind their success the pain they suffer in their life to gain that level of success; if we come to know the actual life stories behind their lives, we will be amazed by their motivational stories that how they burnt the midnight oil to achieve their goals all people need is the motivational support in their lives to achieve their goals here is a famous businessman story who worked really hard his name is Rachid EI Khabbachi known as Jamal.

RachidKhabbachi’s life story:

RachidEl Khabbachi was born in Mauritania’s small town, where he saw poverty and hunger throughout his life. From his early life, he wanted to be a successful businessman so that he might be able to change his families’ lifestyle and can help other people who are facing the same issues in their lives. Seeing his parents and family, his life suffering from hunger hurt him so much, so that’s why he thought to do something to eradicate hunger from their experiences and from other people due to this reason, he worked throughout his life.

Rachid’s journey towards success:

He always dreams big to do something exceptional in life; he ever watched the organizations make a lot of effort to provide needy people a good life. He also started doing his own business, first of all, he used to be a sportsman and started his career as a player, and then, later on, he moved towards business for this he used to buy and sell different ornaments like gold and diamonds then from the profit he buys more gold and more shares of business so that he can extend his business, later on, he began to live the life he always wanted to live and give to his family later on his living improved. His business grows a lot, and he started charity work to help other people.

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