When it comes to staying fit, exercise and diet both play equal roles. One cannot just exercise and aim to become fit and healthy without adopting a proper diet. A proper intake of vitamins, minerals, and proteins in the food that we eat is a must to ensure the buildup of muscles in our body. To help with this, Rinku Shah has provided a few tips to follow a healthy diet through her community Fitness2Flash. (www.facebook.com/groups/fitness2flash)

When it comes to diet and fitness tips, there is no match for Rinku Shah and her community Fitness2Flash. Due to her personal experiences in life and intent to make herself and other women fit, she started the F2F community. Fitness2Flash was originally a WhatsApp group for ladies but it gradually took the form of a Facebook community page (www.facebook.com/fitness2flash) with over 152k+ members from different corners of the world. Rinku often gives tips related to health and fitness and this time she has chosen the topic of a healthy diet.

Eat Fibre-rich Food

Fibre is good for your body and it is found in ample amounts in vegetables, fruits, beans, and whole grains. Rinku has seen and experienced that fibre-rich foods help to shed excess fats. Ensure you include beans to your salad, eat oats for breakfast, or fibre-rich nuts and seeds.

Stay Away From Added Sugar

Added sugar is an enemy that you never want to become friends with. It is found in sugary drinks and is a major cause behind obesity and diseases like diabetes and heart disease. It is better to keep a distance from candy, soda, and baked goods as they are sugar-rich and low in nutrients.

Keep A Good Relationship With Healthy Fat

Though fat is something that you must get rid of to become healthy, it isn’t true for all kinds of fats. Some healthy fats can help you to become fit. To be honest, a healthy fat diet that includes avocados and nuts greatly accelerates the weight loss process. When you have the right fats in your body, you feel less hungry and stay on track.

Proteins Are A Must

Eggs are a great way to start your morning. They have been shown to assist in weight loss and developing muscles in the body. Scrambled eggs with sauteed veggies can be a great breakfast if your goal is to become fit. Protein intake in the right amount helps to stay away from unhealthy snacking and increased appetite control.

Stay Hydrated

When you drink ample water throughout the day, it helps you to maintain good health and weight. Poorly hydrated individuals have lower Body Mass Index and are likely to be more obese than those who keep themselves hydrated. Also, it is a good thing to drink water before having any meal to lower the intake of calories.

These are a few tips that Rinku Shah always follows in her personal life and also shares with all. These tips have helped many of her clients and brought their life on a healthy track. Apart from health and fitness training, Rinku Shah is also a mentor and has a team of Internationally certified personal trainers who provide one-on-one interaction services through Fitness2Flash. It is highly recommendable to check out her website (www.fitness2flash.com) if you are a fitness enthusiast.