Modern generation rapper, Shah hailing from ANTWERP is the new talent in the rapping industry. Born on 11th February 2000, Shah is a talented young boy with a lot of fire in him. Since childhood, Shah was always interested in making music. On finding his passion for hip-hop music, he immediately decided to make it his career. He stopped his schooling invested all his time in making music.

As a musician, Tupac Shakur, the famous American rapper has always been an inspiration to him. His work has received quite an appreciation from the public. Eminem and Tupac are Shah’s favourite artists in the industry and also regards them as legends.

On asking Shah’s strengths and weaknesses as a person he said he always tries his best to maintain discipline in his life as it is one of the most important things in his life which is his strength. As for a weakness, he is more of a perfectionist as everything he does needs to be perfect or it can’t go through. During difficult times, he tends to stay calm and deal with the situation calmly and overcome it. According to Shah, there are no struggles in his life as he can simply fix the problem he is facing and move on with his life.

Shah is a very hard-working boy; he always tries to give his 100 per cent in any work he does. He strives hard to attain his dreams to gain freedom in everything he does. In his career, his work had gained more than 1 million views on Dutch music platforms in just a span of 10 months which is one of the greatest milestones he has achieved so far.

“Follow your own path, never let someone tell you which path you have to take!” says Shah. As you already know, that the music industry has changed drastically over the years. Therefore, in order to survive in this industry, an artist needs to be unique and Shah has gone above and beyond this requirement. His work has never failed to amaze his fans. Day by day his fan following is increasing as his music and its lyrics are so relatable and mesmerizing to the youth that they instantly fall in love with his music. Through hard work, courage and determination, Shah has established himself as one of the finest rappers in this industry.

Currently, he is actively working on his upcoming project, which is highly anticipated by his fans. Truly, for an artist with both creativity as well as good morals, success wasn’t too far off. Yet, Shah has a long way to go, so make sure you stay connected with him!