Running your first Social Media Campaign with Kris Lal

Running your first social media campaign can be daunting, especially for new business owners with limited funds wanting to maximise their efforts and direction. Curatorsocial CEO Kris Lal has worked with start-ups around the world to help them navigate the complex world of social media and executing successful strategies that convert. We put a couple of questions to him on the week of his new guide for beginners being released.

What are some important things to consider when running a social media campaign?

The key components of any successful campaign we’ve run include the following. We suggest listing these out and writing notes for YOUR campaign under each in depth. Have a real understanding of what it is your campaign will look like at these different stages and how they will interplay to create success for your brand.

  •                 –  A robust plan with realistic/relevant goals relatable to the platform employed and budget assigned. 

  •                 –  Engaging creative and proposition that relates to your audience and goal. 

  •                 –  A clear definition of what success for the campaign looks like (increased 
awareness, audience acquisition, increased engagement or traffic etc) 

  •                 –  A plan to pivot/mitigate risks or switch up the campaign in between if things 
aren’t working out. 

  •                 –  Leveraging your learnings and understanding ‘where to?’ from here. Ensuring 
that the campaign has a long tailed approach to providing value for your business. (influencer relationships, audience journey, sales conversion and remarketing) 

There are multiple moving parts to any social media campaign, the best part is the satisfaction you get when you see your plan in motion and creative come to life. What’s one tip you can share with beginners about running a successful campaign on social media?

Research, research and research some more!. Youtube is an excellent FREE resource which has an abundance of information that can really steer you in the right direction and save you thousands of dollars. There are videos which are specific to The platform your running your campaign on and literally years’ worth of advice from experts. If your unable to research or are lacking time, it would pay to hire a freelancer or someone that you can assign KPI’s to so that you are maximising your spend and time. We run most of our campaigns in house at, but even as an agency if we are not experts on a particular service we have no qualms about outsourcing it to someone who is

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