The car market has experienced inflation for months. While transactions are stagnant in practice, and there is no customer, the car galleries and traders announced very high prices for their cars.

The prices, often announced on websites and in cyberspace and sometimes in coordination with intermediaries, were never approved by experts and actual market participants, and were interpreted as greedy for more profit in the chaotic car market.

The main factor that further fueled this turmoil was the growth of the exchange rate. The dominating mental atmosphere in the market was affected by the increase in the dollar price to such an extent that even domestic cars with a high percentage of internalization experienced price growth at the same time, and now Pride as the lowest-level vehicle costs more than 160 million tomans. Recently, the market has been experiencing a different situation than in previous months and has been falling sharply as the exchange rate has fallen. A decline that gradually took a rapid rate and even in one day we saw a drop of 10 to 200 million tomans in some domestic and foreign cars.

The increase in the foreign currency supplement in the central bank, the government control policies, the predictions of the positive developments in foreign policy made by experts, and even the floor traders are the main factors in the dollar’s decline in recent days. However, the extent to which this reduction can affect the drop in prices in the car market is the basis of this report, which you can read below. He added: “With this event, the prices of all goods directly or indirectly dependent on the dollar will decrease, but we cannot ignore the issue of price stickiness, that is, prices will resist this decrease.”

Part of the rise in prices in recent months has nothing to do with the dollar in the automotive industry. He continued: “Car inflation is revealing the inefficiency of management and decisions of officials and contradictory policies, while in 2000 it was claimed that Pride is not dependent on the dollar and these days officials are saying that dependent on it.”

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