Sat Nijjer Creating Modern Techniques in Construction Industry

Sat Nijjer Creating Modern Techniques in Construction Industry

Sat Nijjer who is also the owner of amazing construction company Fortel is a person who believes in modern techniques for modern problems. He is always looking to adapt himself.

Construction companies like Fortel have lifted their technology and construction techniques to a great extent in recent times. A lot of additions have been made just to make sure that the services offered to customers are the best ones. They are working on improving the training of their employees, enhance the product quality, and along with that, the technology has been the main target which they uplifted a lot.

Sat Nijjer

Well, this is about the modern techniques which Sat Nijjer, the owner of Fortel, has introduced in his construction company in recent times. Let us know about the top ones in detail given below.

One of the best techniques and the most innovative one used by Fortel is the flat slabbing technique. In this option, the modern formwork and its simplicity are made use of to make the flat sabs that need to have some sort of pattern in the overall building. Now after this, the other things can e constructed on it or added into its structure in the easiest possible way. You can add more horizontal slabs into the structure of the building.

This volumetric construction technique is mainly using the modular methodology for making buildings. In this technique, the finished units of the buildings are just transported to the main location after the whole construction is done away from the main site. For the assemblage of the building units, the units are furnished at the end after they are placed at the main location. The unit is made with so many things that need careful handling, and this is done while the transportation is done in the whole process.

The tunnel framework system is another construction technique that is new to the Fortel. They have recently introduced this technology in their business and offering that to their clients. This type of construction technique is useful for the structures in which the same pattern is repeated many times from one flour to the next one. This process is made quite easy through this technique. Per day operations are paced up to a great degree by using this method. A fine end product is achieved by using the main framework of the building and then adding the already mixed concrete. This will help in simple and easy construction with more agility and careful handling.

Fortel has been the major source of inspiration for many construction companies working in the UK. This company, with the help of its owner, has made its unique name and identity in the whole county. Also, the services are very popular all over the world and many construction companies work on their planning by getting inspiration from Fortel. We hope that if you are a customer, or maybe someone who is looking forward to starting the company of construction and civil engineering services, then this information would be of great help for you.

About Sat Nijjer

Sat Nijjer joined the family-owned business as operations director in 2005 after a BSc in Computer Science and a career in investment banking with the US Company, Bear Stearns. A major shareholder in Fortel, he became chief executive in 2012, the second generation of the family to lead the company.

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