Serial Entrepreneur Byron Cole passing on jewels of entrepreneurial wisdom to young aspiring entrepreneurs

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Isaac Newton

A business mentor is someone who has more entrepreneurial business experience than you and who serves as a trusted confidante over an extended period of time, usually free of charge. It is a great way of giving back to the community and somewhat sounds too good to be true. However there are many entrepreneurs out there who believe in sharing their expertise and knowledge so that someone else does not make the same mistakes they made at the beginning of their career.

Byron Cole is one such entrepreneur and has successfully been a careers mentor for over 5 years supporting students with their career paths and decisions, providing them with the right skills and tools to ensure success. Byron likes to be extremely active with is Alma Mater. His involvement in the University of Greenwich is prominent in many projects of the organisation and as a part of the alumni.

It is one thing to move towards success and another to pass on the gems of knowledge. Byron helps students gain a point of contact with someone in the field they aspire to work towards. In addition to this, Byron will be a judge for an Enterprise Challenge at the University of Greenwich, where the challenge allows training, mentoring and funding to new entrepreneurs who want to bring their business idea to life. Following this, Byron will lead a workshop session for the successful finalists and prepare them for finals. For Black History Month in the University of Greenwich, Byron was a part of a portraits project in which he was recognised for his excellent achievements for the university and what he has done so far in his career.

These mentorship programs are free of cost and enables the learner to discover various aspects of entrepreneurship. Programs such as these can offer you access to an extensive network. In addition, the fact that your mentor has no ulterior motive to sell a product or service to you, forms a good foundation for trust. Building a long lasting relationship can be extremely beneficial to people who are just starting out.

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