The actor Rajesh Khattar discussed his relationship with his son Ishaan Khatter, who is Shahid Kapoor’s ex-wife Neliima Azeem. He claimed he can proudly describe himself as a “good father.” Before their separation in 2001, Shahid spent the majority of his formative years living with Rajesh and his mother Neliima. 1995 saw the birth of Ishaan.

Yuvaan, who is four years old, and Ishaan have a “nice” relationship, according to Siddharth Kannan, who also revealed that Ishaan was there at the hospital the day Yuvaan was born. He acknowledged that neither his kids, Misha and Zain, nor Shahid, who essentially grew up in his home, had yet met Yuvaan.

When asked about Ishaan and Yuvaan’s relationship, he responded, “It’s good. He and Ishaan are of very different ages; he is like a child to Ishaan. He addresses him as “chhote.” They don’t get to see each other very frequently since Ishaan is so busy. He has been away for more than a month and won’t return for another month.

He also discussed the reasons Ishaan doesn’t bring him up in public conversation during the same interview. Ishaan could never have had the notion that his father isn’t just a phone call away, he claimed, adding that the perception in the media doesn’t matter to him. In retrospect, he claimed, he can proudly describe myself as a decent father to Ishaan, Shahid, and Yuvaan.