Shalin Bhanot has been named as the primary lead of Beqaboo in the show, according to Bigg Boss Tak. It is Ekta Kapoor’s programme. We are unsure if it is the same show that Kushal Tandon was slated to star in. Shalin Bhanot has stated that he would like hosting a programme. His family has prepared a lavish welcome for him at home.

On the episode, Shalin Bhanot has achieved success. He has made enormous contributions in all areas, from humour to his romantic relationship with Tina Datta. Unbiased viewers seem to enjoy Shalin Bhanot.

On the front door, a sizable poster has been placed. Since a week ago, decorations have been ongoing. The popularity of Shalin Bhanot grew as a result of the programme.

His family has put huge pics of Shalin Bhanot on the walls. His mother intends to prepare all of his favourite dishes. His parents have come down from Melbourne for this occasion.

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