Sheer hard work and astute mindset led Aurelie-Jung Moron to become a thriving network marketing entrepreneur

Sheer hard work and astute mindset led Aurelie-Jung Moron to become a thriving network marketing entrepreneur

Aurelie’s excellent knowledge and communication skills helped her become a successful business mentor and educator in the field of cryptocurrency and forex trading.

Some entrepreneurs are born talented, who has a knack of business and possess the skills of an entrepreneur. Then there are a few, who learn with experience in the field and give their best to it. With sheer hard work and passion, they become successful entrepreneurs and never quit learning newer skills which help them maintain their position at the top. Among them is an entrepreneur with an astute mindset; she goes by the name of Aurelie-Jung Moron, who is a noted businesswoman, financial educator, mindset coach and an outstanding network marketer.

Aurelie was born in South Korea and lost her biological parents early, after which a French couple adopted her at the age of four and her younger brother. Grown up in Paris, France she is now a world globe trotter and starts to generate income in seven figures by year. However, Aurelie’s path to the current heights of success was plagued with many grim moments. Being bright in theatre, music, dance, speaking, and various areas of schooling life, Aurelie learned the ability to keep going despite the setbacks. She managed and promoted young international artists of classical music. She became a classical music agent and was thriving in her career until a tragic incident tore apart her family; where her companion passed away, leaving all the responsibility on her shoulders of their two children.

Aurelie hit rock bottom and had to give up on her career, but she never really gave up. She knew that if you give your best to anything in life, life will give you something back too. She refreshed her thinking, and with a positive attitude towards making it in the business world, dived into the network marketing world. She carried out avid research in the world of cryptocurrency and forex trading and read books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad, the Enterprise of the 21st Century – penned by author Robert Kiyosaki. She studied the complex trading market and read a lot about legends like Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Napoleon Hill, Kevin Trudeau, etc. Aurelie’s relentless efforts positioned her as one of the most influential and brilliant Business Partner with a leading firm in forex and cryptocurrency trading and a revolutionary digital banking platform, which gave her a shocking rise in the field of network marketing.

She emerged as one of the best network marketing businesspersons and also founded the A.D.N. Million-Ère, which is a leading name in online mindset coaching and financial education, across the globe. She devised creative and unique techniques to enhance the financial prosperity of her students and gave in-depth knowledge about the volatility of the market.

Aurelie-Jung Moron’s astute mindset and incredible hard work yielded her a sparkling business career.

To have more information about Aurelie you can visit her website or Instagram/ @aureliemoron

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