Kapilakshi Malhotra is the name, which is very famous these days, among the youth. There are many artists in the Indian Music Industry. These artists are very valuable to the nation. Some of these artists are valued properly, while some of the artists are underrated. The true value of these artists should be given so that these artists can grow their talent. There are many reasons for this condition of artists. The list of these reasons can be given as follows…

  • Lack of platforms: sometimes, because of the lack of proper platform, the artists suffer a lot. Some truly talented singers are seen singing in the normal weddings. If the proper attention is given to these singers, their singing art can be used properly.
  • Financial condition: many singers work full time in other fields because of their financial condition. The financial condition of these artists is very poor that they must work full time in other fields. There is a lack of proper return in the field of music, so they can’t support their family properly.
  • Proper training: many singers have art of singing, but the lack of proper training affects their career. Singers don’t spare time for their training and there is always a need of training in each career.
  • Corruption: corruption affects the normal singers adversely. People get fame because of the amount they pay in the music industry too. There is a high level of corruption on many high-level music platforms. These platforms like music shows on televisions get their funds from the singers too. The singers, who can’t pay the rate, are eliminated. 

There are some more reasons too. Let’s concentrate on removing these reasons so that any singer is valued properly. There are a lot of ways to value these under-estimated singers these days. The availability of virtual platforms like Gaana.com, Spotify, Apple Music, and Jio Saavan. There are a lot of apps, which can help to publish the music. With the help of these music apps, many singers get platforms for their talent.

The name stated above, Kapilakshi Malhotra, is also a singer on these virtual platforms. There is a list of beautiful songs by Kapilakshi Malhotra. This list includes ‘Gori Gori Surat’, ‘Time’ and ‘Dukh’. These songs are getting more and more fame among the common people. The reason for that is the magical voice of the singer. These songs are easily available on the above stated platforms.

There is a need for true hard work and patience for a bright career as Kapilakshi Malhotra. The passionate personality of Kapilakshi is ideal for the youth of today. When there is a craze in the youth about anything, magical power in youth can definitely achieve it. In spite of wasting time on social media, Kapilaskhi invests her time in her talent. This youth icon has truly valued her time. The success of this singer is the result of her hard work and persistence. Let’s hope for a brighter future for Kapilakshi, the youth icon.

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