Attempting to set up a new iPhone can be tedious in a variety of ways, and with some third-party applications, there’s not an approach to transfer your information without any problem. That used to be the situation for popular privacy-focused messaging application Signal, as of not long ago.

Signal definite the ability to transfer your entire account and message history in a blog post today. Much the same as Signal messages being end-to-end encrypted, the new account transfer includes for iPhone and iPad is, as well.

Signal iOS presently incorporates a new feature that makes it conceivable to change to a brand-new iPhone or iPad while safely transferring Signal data from your current iOS gadget. Similarly, as with every new Signal feature, the procedure is end-to-end encrypted and intended to ensure your security. Transfers likewise happen over a local connection (like AirDrop), so even huge migrations can be finished rapidly.

How to transfer Signal account and message on iPhone:

  • Have your old and new iPhone/iPad handy
  • Download Signal on your new iOS gadget
  • Open up Signal on your new iPhone/iPad and start the setup procedure
  • In the wake of entering your phone number in the Signal application on your new gadget, pick Transfer from an iOS gadget
  • On your old iPhone or iPad look for the migration prompt and affirm you want to begin the transfer
  • Use your old gadget to scan the QR code appeared on your new gadget
  • You ought to be all set in a few minutes 😄

Signal notes: “Once the transfer is complete, your existing device will clear its Signal data, and you can immediately begin using Signal on the new device.”

For those inquisitive, here’s more about how the procedure operates:

Your existing device is always in complete control. The transfer prompt appears on the existing device, the existing device verifies the integrity of the connection before any data is sent, and the existing device has to physically scan the QR code that is displayed on the new device before the transfer can even begin.

Signal generates a unique key pair for the encrypted device-to-device connection, and a MAC is embedded in the new device’s QR code so your existing device can verify the connection.

The QR code itself does not include any sensitive information. If someone else is in the same room and dives across the table or races to scan it first, the worst-case scenario is that they could start transferring their data to the new device before you.

At that point, it would be easy to simply erase the app and install it again — and possibly erase your friendship with the individual who couldn’t keep their scans to themselves.

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