Simon Leviev Discusses His Passion for Helping People Make Wise Real Estate Investments in 2020

Simon Leviev Discusses His Passion for Helping People Make Wise Real Estate Investments in 2020

We are currently living in an extraordinary time. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic caused a global economic recession, which led to a mass panic situation and a plunge in the investment market. When the stock market is impacted, people generally assume that the real estate market will, too, take a hit. This year, the real estate market has not only been stable, but it is indeed the best time to invest. Real Estate expert Simon Leviev asserts, “Real estate is considered a safe investment and a prime asset for cash flow. Recession is the best time to invest in real estate as the prices of the properties witness a sharp decline. Identifying properties that would appreciate in the future is the key to making a wise investment.”

Leviev has traveled and invested successfully in properties globally and attributes his strong acumen and in-depth knowledge to his thriving career. Unaffected professionally by the current scenario due to well-strategized investments, he decided to spread awareness on how to invest amidst the pandemic and yield profit. “I believe that anyone can achieve success when armed with the right information. I am passionate about real estate, and I like to help potential investors understand the real estate market to make well-informed decisions. It is critical to comprehend the market trends and their lifecycle to thrive during the boom and recession periods,” he says.

Prodded to share some key strategies on investing in real estate and capitalizing on the opportunity in the present-day scenario, Leviev opines, “With slashed interest rates and cheaper cost of borrowing, it is a favorable situation to purchase a property for oneself. If interested in diversifying asset portfolios for a passive source of income, investing in single-family residential properties in emerging markets and renting it at an affordable price is lucrative. Affordable rent ensures getting a tenant quickly and the consequent flow of income.”    

Emerging markets are attractive due to the balanced rent-to-price ratio, low volatility, and guaranteed positive returns. They are defined by the characteristics: strong labor market, growing population, real estate development plans, and affordability. Currently, top trending markets in the USA include Jacksonville in Florida, Austin in Texas, Charlotte in North Carolina, Atlanta in Georgia, and Boston in Massachusetts, amongst others.

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