Actor SJ Suryah just made his OTT debut with the Tamil web series Vadhandhi on Prime Video, and he gave one of his best performances to date. He believes that the show, which is focused on the search for a little girl’s killer, forced him to step outside of his comfort zone and push himself to the limit.

Vadhandhi was written and directed by Andrew Louis. The Fable of Velonie is a compelling programme that makes excellent use of the environment in which it is set and rarely lets the intensity waver. Although the pace of the episode feels exhausting, the payoff is well worth the time spent watching it. Suryah plays Sub Inspector Vivek on the show, who is given the case of the mysterious murder of Velonie, a 17-year-old Anglo-Indian girl.

He continued by saying that Andrew was very concerned that people perceive his performance to be highly invigorating. Even when I unintentionally overacted a scene, Andrew would stop me and tell me to tone it down. I was genuinely challenged by the process, and it forced me outside of my comfort zone,” he remarked.

Suryah’s upcoming roles include those in Vijay’s Varisu and Ram Charan’s upcoming project with director Shankar.

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