In view of franchise-based leagues’ rising global reach, Steve Smith expressed his “slight concern” for the future of Test cricket and asked the cricket boards to maintain the format’s prominence.

The Australia hitter added that he still believes that Test cricket is in a “good place” at the present but hoped that the format will continue to thrive in the years to come as he spoke in the run-up to the World Test Championship final, the ICC’s biennial showcase event for red-ball cricket.

Yeah, I’m a little worried, Smith admitted. “But certainly, I hope Test Cricket continues to thrive. It’s currently in a decent spot, in my opinion. Regarding games, some of the ones we’ve recently seen have been very incredible. So, yeah, for me as a, I suppose, a traditionalist, someone that loves Test cricket, I hope it still remains at the front of all the board’s minds and stays alive and well for some time to come.”

“I think they have a decent mix of great seam bowlers, definitely. Shami and Siraj, who I believe to be their two major players and who have excellent skills, fit well with the Dukes ball. Of course, they also have spinners, who bowl superbly in all circumstances. I consider them to have a strong offensive, therefore this next week, we’ll have to play well against them.


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