Social Media Influencer Carlucci Keys says it’s not about what you make but more or less what you have saved that counts

Theoretically, that is correct, the way the world is set up, it seems in today’s society that you need to make $100,000 a year to have a stable home environment for the “average American” to live. In all reality, that is incorrect and not how it goes, or how life needs to be portrayed. The bank account system was created hundreds of years ago back in 1800 bc, so for a long time now it seems that saving money has been something necessary and important to do in life. Throughout the years’ minimum wage has always been an issue at hand for the longest across the country and with poverty rates skyrocketing daily higher than ever employees don’t know what to do; when it’s simple…… just save! Saving is key in today’s society especially the way the internet works. Just think about it ……. a minimum wage employee working hourly pay with $100,000 in the bank is the same as being a manager or CEO of a business…… A (title) on a nametag means nothing. Nowadays in 2021 if you have a bank account to back it up, that might as well be your resume. 

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