Some notes about becoming wealthy according to the famous Iranian entrepreneur, Ali Haji Mohammadi

Thinking about goals and plans

Ordinary people dream of winning a great prize; wealthy people think about their goals and plans, praying and being willing is not effective in the business world. Ordinary people think if they win a high-valued prize with a lot of money, that would fix everything, they seek a miracle while wealthy people set a goal and make effort to reach it, they know possessions are achieved in a long-term period, not in a single night. 

Waiting for the results

Wealthy people wait to see the results; ordinary people eventually give up; ordinary people give up at the last steps of achieving great results. They believe that the path through success is slow and constant with the linear trend while wealthy people know that success is an exploding incident right after tolerating harsh moments; they know patience and determination are required for being successful.

Knowledge and adventitious skills

Rich people believe in acquiring knowledge and learning special skills; ordinary people, confuse wealth with having a high-ranking position and degree. The common hierarchy that people follow to become wealthy is first to be educated, then finding an occupation, get a promotion in your job, and finally, the organization you work for will guarantee your living needs. But wealthy people believe that for being rich and successful you must individually and adventitiously learn the necessary skills for your favorite business and academic degrees wouldn’t help you to become rich, but they only show you some bases to struggle with your life and deal with it.

Responsible for the whole events and outcomes

Wealthy people see themselves as the only ones responsible for the whole events and results; ordinary people always blame outside factors, while rich people only blame themselves for the conditions they are struggling with, and when an awful incident occurs, they see it as their fault of being in wrong place and time. They believe that the future is in their hands, however, average people blame others. They don’t want to accept their responsibility and see every occurrence comes out of other factors.

Focusing on the future

Rich people focus on the future; ordinary people replaying past funny days in their heads, focusing on the past is a way to feel better in life. Terms like “when I was younger …” is usually called by ordinary people, they live in the past and how it was better than the present. On the other hand, mentally rich people are concentrated on the future and stuff they can improve, and how they can provide better circumstances or how to solve problems standing against a brighter future.

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