From a small town of Lafayette La, 27-year-old Blaison Comeaux has been hired as the executive producer of “Behind The Curtains’ ‘ reality show. The show is about being in the industry and young people chasing their dreams. Tokyo signed 11 girls which is 10 models and 1 new artist.

The reality show will be filmed in different states around the world. The first official film date will start September 25, 2021 in Miami Florida. 10 girls will be competing amongst each other for a cash prize.

We had a chance to speak to Tokyo briefly about the project and his thoughts.

Tokyo: I’m very appreciative to have Sony partner with me to bring this project to life. It meant a lot to me when I got the phone call this morning. As the Executive Producer, I will do everything in my power to bring this project to life.

We look forward to seeing more of Tokyo’s work in the near future.

Instagram: @OfficialTokyoBlaison

Facebook: Blaison Comeaux

Net Worth: $1.5Mil

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