Launching and creating a cryptocurrency can be very easy to do, but making it successful is a whole different situation. Many digital coins fail to gain traction because it is possible that people fail to see their value.

When it comes to building a successful cryptocurrency and SEO campaign, you will need to look at other factors like inflating the value, talking prices, and focusing on the monetary aspect.

In this article, we will look at

  • What is Cryptocurrency Marketing and SEO?
  • Ways to create a successful cryptocurrency and SEO campaign.

What is Cryptocurrency Marketing?

The Internet, social media, and mobile technologies have definitely affected how marketing workds and “crypto-marketers” have a new set of capabilities. Crypto-Marketing is the process of understanding what a customer values in a way that it can be embedded into a crypto-token protocol.

When it comes to Cryptocurrency marketing, the things that people need to know include; determining what a customer values, embedding into a crypto-token, getting network effects to work, and organically incentivizing word-of-mouth.

It is important to understand what the intended user of the service values, and how and in what context. Blockchain-based tokens are programmable and that is what gives them so much power. Those that are using it for storage want high amounts of storage, reliability, availability, security, and decreasing costs over time. Those that are renting storage want to turn a profit and see the value of their SIA crypto-token increase.

Ways to create a successful cryptocurrency and SEO campaign

1) Explain and simplify the concept

It is important to structure your message so that everyone can understand it. The reason being is that cryptocurrencies thrive on everyday investors too. To someone that has been in the market for a while, the idea is not new but there are still quite a few people that do not understand how cryptocurrencies work and its advantages.

You should definitely focus on the positive side of crypto; how to make money with digital currencies, how to make online payments more secure and cheaper, etc. Also, if you decide to use advanced keyword research, you need to make sure that you explain the terminology in the simplest way. You also need to explain why your newly released coin stands a higher chance of getting traction. Explain your vision, your goals, and why it is something that they should be interested in.

2) Make your cryptocurrency and technology known

In order to have a successful marketing and SEO campaign, you need to kow where are the best places to advertise. You can find crypto-savvy users and investors on discussion boards and thread on speacialy forums, for example.

You can use those platforms to promote your product, showcase your new technolofy, and put your product up against direct competitors. If you want to take a more aggressive marketing approach, you can seek endorsements and exposure from influencers. There are definitely influencers that talk about crypto on a daily basis and they are as good a resource to readers.

You can also try using social media advertising but, bare in mnd, that it may not raise the same level of awareness compared to when you are trying to promote an eBook or retail goods.

3) Maintain regular communication

Talking to your target audience and community on a regular basis is also very important. Sometimes the best marketing strategy can be to make your product part of the conversation.  It is not necessary to constantly talk about your crypto coin, but you can raise awareness and generate interest by sending out information. You can talk about how the technology is progressing, what new uses you’ve found for it, and how it differs from what is already in the market.

Avoid talking up your product and saying how great it is, because in the world of crypto, it can be perceived as dodgy. The market can be quite volatile and community members that fully understand crypto can be quick to call your bluff.

You can also let crypto users promote the coin for you. Let people discuss it in an open environment. People will definitely become more engaged when they feel like their opinions are influenced every time they write something.

4) Enlist expert help

To get quality SEO traffic to your website or hub for your coin, you need to outsource some marketing to field experts. Sometimes research isn’t enough and you need writers that know how to put keywords to good use. You need to find someone that is aware of everything that is happening on crypto news websites, trend websites, and development websites on a daily basis. They will be able to help you with content that doesn’t just exist for clicks, but keep readers engaged and interested in your technology.

5) Get recognized as an authority figure

You need to make sure that the crypto community knows about your brand. Just because you have had the capability of making your own coin, it doesn’t mean that people trust you. You should get involved in active communities of already establish crypto coins; share your opinions, present some alternative solutions to problems, and come up with interesting conversation topics.

6) Get mentioned in press releases

There is definitely a lot of content that exists that are constantly reviewing cryptocurrencies and comparing new products and technologies to already established one. You have to dedicate time and efforts towards making your technology known on those websites. There is nothing wrong with enlisting the help of online PR agencies because it is almost impossible to market a cryptocurrency without investing some money.

What makes these type of websites ideal platforms is the large number of daily readers they get and they generally already rank high up in Google searches.

7) Make your intentions clear to your own team

It truly takes a village to create a great product. So, if you want to create a successful campaign, you need to know that everyone is on the same page and make it clear to your staff what needs to be emphasized and what shouldn’t.  It can be quite difficult to monitor the flow of information with a large team, but establishing clear guidelines will save you from embarassing moment.

You need to find a good balance between promoting a positive overview and transparency. No one expects a new crypto coin to be perfect, but it definitely needs to show potential.

Be a Solution and Be different

The one thing that cryptocurrencies have in common, regardless of whether they have existed for some time or are still in development, is they promise to solve certain problems. When you are developing your cryptocurrency, it is important to develop a technology that is impactful whether it is very different from what’s available or something that improves on many past failures.

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