By Nishant Piyush

Rich people believe in creating their life rather than settling for what’s offered. The hustle and struggle is all real and evident by the lifestyle they mould for themselves. One of the biggest examples in current times is that of Yahia Hawwari, a renowned entrepreneur and Luxury lifestyle influences who refused to settle for the ‘Normal’.

33- Years old Yahia is an entrepreneur who has become one of the most recognized names in business areas like Education, real estate and Fashion. With his business spanning across three nations, Yahia has surely earned wealth but his lifestyle is a grand spectacle.

Besides being an investor in thriving business areas, Yahia Hawwari incorporates luxury watches, cars and exquisite masterpieces that are head-turners and reflect his classy and exuberant nature.

The story began when Yahia left to Cyprus to complete his bachelors in Computer Engineering. Staying away from home and leading an independent life, he developed a vision for the kind of lifestyle he wanted for himself. His passion for Luxe watches and High fashion began taking shape and just few years after coming back to Jordan he left for The United States to initiate his first business while expanding his family’s commerce. Yahia had always been intrigued by high fashion and luxury and his tenacity and keen interest only brought him closer to his dream of living a lavish lifestyle and indulging in his favorites like Watches and Cars.

His keen interest in building a collection of rare masterpieces is more than just a guilty pleasure. His lifestyle is not just affluent but reflects splendid opulence. Over 35 magnificent watches from top-tier brands like Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe, His collection has become super impressive and rare. It varies from fully Iced-out watches in baguettes and Flower arrangement. One on which his heart is set on is the Jordanian Royal family signature watch with a fully Iced Out Rolex in Arabic Dial. This collection is a true definition of Exquisite and Exotic.

His investments are not just limited to his luxurious timepieces. Yahia possesses more than 10 single digit license plate numbers that are just rare and not easy to attain at such a young age. Trading single digit license plates have now become quite common in the middle-east but 10 years back to own something so mind boggling was only a dream till Yahia made it seem possible. A while ago he made more purchases to attain a total of a couple million Dollars’ worth license plate numbers.

Hawwari’s investment group and his other successful projects have stood the test of time and are now a valuable addition to the world of modern trading.He believes “no guts, no glory” and this is why he has been able to mask a life of immense glory and regality.

All we can do is to look forward to stunning muses and star studded collection in years to come.

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