Creator, Entrepreneur and an Innovator, Sunny Sabharwal, also known as Sunny Pulse, Managing Director at Pulse Wedding Planner Pvt. Ltd. curates weddings & events that are synonymous with opulence & class.

 It’s easy to dream up and execute a wedding anywhere across the globe, that’s fun not only for the couple to be but all the guests, with Pulse Events & Wedding by Sunny Sabharwal. With a wide array of options available, Pulse Events offer you a one-stop shop for all your wedding needs & flawless execution to boot.

Pulse Events & Wedding by Sunny Sabharwal is the oldest operating firm under the umbrella of ‘Pulse’ which majorly caters to luxurious weddings & events across the globe. Sunny Sabharwal (Sunny Pulse) is well versed with the nuances of wedding planning and how new ideas, concepts & innovations are needed to fill people with awe. His achievements are good enough to speak for himself.

Sunny Pulse is a highly passionate trendsetter. What puts him a cut above many others is the fact that he has solely established Pulse which is a prominent firm today. His constant appetite for learning along with vast experience are the key reasons that led him to become a flourishing entrepreneur.

Sunny Pulse is an avid creator, widely associated with out of the box ideas and flawless execution of events and weddings. Most of the events managed by him are regularly featured in one or the other print media or TV channels across the nation.

Sunny Pulse is known to champion his multifaceted interests by turning his ideas to reality.

Sunny Sabharwal being a critical thinker, states that, “A fundamental part of establishing a successful business is rooted in the mindset you have and it begins with a positive and determined attitude, which, I think, is ingrained in me from the very beginning. I always strive for something unique and out of the box. Following generic market trends have never enthused me,”

Sunny thoroughly enjoys every opportunity to network with people to identify opportunities to collaborate and even for a chance to help each other with their businesses.

Dream Big, Work Hard is Sunny’s motto in life. Keeping this is mind, Sunny Sabharwal, aka, Sunny Pulse, is on the move, and in the right direction too.

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