Overcoming obstacles – The obstacles Arturo Knight faced on his way to success

Obstacles are the one thing you cannot take out of a satisfying success story. They’re always there. Anyone who has made it big and says they didn’t hit roadblocks in their journey is a terrible liar. No one can escape them. Even people who have not made success still face obstacles. It’s one thing that is common with us as humans.

Arturo Knight got his fair share of the obstacles. He still gets some till today but we will focus only on those that happened while he was still trying to find stardom. While he was struggling to build his brand. Follow me through this article and you will learn that obstacles are not brick walls but stepping stones to greatness.

Dropping out to drop into success

After spending only a very short part of his first semester in college, Arturo decided he wasn’t going to put himself through that stress because he knew his path just wasn’t that. He dropped out and began to take jobs with meager pay. He once worked as a bartender. Not so much of a place to concentrate, is it? Well, Arturo didn’t lose his focus. He kept on pushing.

Lost a big moment

2015 would have been one of the biggest years in the life of Knight. He got a chance to perform on the big stage with some of the biggest in the music industry. Not just big stars, we’re talking about multiple Grammy award winners.

In the previous year, Arturo Knight, David Banner, and Chris Brown made a song together. One that struck a chord in the heads of so many music lovers as it fused popular rock and roll with the age old rap.

You can imagine what a thriller it would be to share the same stage with Chris Brown and David Banner. The performance was scheduled to happen at the David Letterman show. Somewhere along the line, Chris Brown got into an altercation with Rihana and the performance got canceled. Something that would have been a telling moment in the music career of the now business tycoon.

Because of his agility, willpower, and dream, he moved in further to perform at other big shows and events, becoming a really big name in the industry until he branched fully into business. He’s still a professional musician and still tours the world with award-winning acts.

Getting rejected for his sense of style

Seeing Arturo Knight, you will know he has never been the guy to wear a suit and tie. At the beginning of his entrepreneurial career, he got rejected a lot because of his dress sense. Most investors wanted somebody who could look formal. Arturo’s story is a clear example that your dress sense has nothing to do with what you can offer.

The good news in all of this is that he came out victorious. No obstacle is too great to stop you. Step over it and keep on pushing.