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ESBYAH ( Eliyahu Shmuel Ben Yah) on the Move

Dr. Eliyahu Shmuel Ben Yah is an Author, Writer & Publisher Highly Spirited, Anointed Charismatic Hebraic Teacher, Life & Mental Health Coach,Social Media influencer, Exorcist, Educator, Historian, Poet, Entrepreneur, Socialite , designer, philanthropists, Noted Public figure, National Recording Artist, Scholar, Blogger, philosopher, Member of the NRA, Member of ACC counselors, Member of PWA, Community activist, Father, Husband, currently resides in TEXAS, USA—- ESBYAH ( ELIYAHU SHMUEL BEN YAH) is a Trademark registered with USA Government. 

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Parsa Peykar is a clinical counselor, author, and professor of Pepperdine University

Pepperdine University is one of the private institutions of California that was founded in 1937 and located in Malibu City, California.

The university’s slogan: freely ye have received, freely give.

It is a private, independent university affiliated with the Christian Church. The 830-acre campus encountering the Pacific Ocean is located near Malibu in Los Angeles, California. The main campus is lodged between several hills, fronting the Pacific Ocean and the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California. There are spectacular sceneries of the Pacific Ocean. Geographies such as the island of Catalina, the Palos Verdes Peninsula, the long coast, and the west side of Los Angeles can be seen from many sites on campus.

Pepperdine University Profile:

Former Names: George Pepperdine College

Motto: freely ye have received, freely give

University Type: Private

Establishment: 1937

Endowment: 781 million dollars ($)

Location: Malibu, California, U.S

Faculty Members: 681

Students: 7826

Undergraduates: 3542

Graduates: 4284

Color: Blue and Orange

Nickname: Waves

Mascot: Willie the Wave

California has one of the largest economies in the world and is an international center for the recreation, information, education, and technological industries. Nationally speaking, California is also involved in the agriculture, aerospace, and manufacturing sectors. It is evident that California reflects Western American culture, a far socially liberal state with a massive population and diverse cultures, including a growing Spanish-speaking folk. Since numerous students annually come from India, Japan, Korea, China, and Canada for education, California stands as one of the leading states in the United States in attracting international students. Plenty of international students sees California as their number-one choice. Living in California means experiencing and welcoming new languages, foods, cultures, people, ideas, festivals, and daily activities.


Alan Noble, a Businessman, and Author Wants To Inculcate Faith-Based Lessons In His Son

Alan Noble, an up-and-coming children’s book author, is a dedicated family man and businessman, who decided to become an author to pass basic and important faith-based lessons to his young son. Shortly after writing some lesson books for his son, Alan found out he had a daughter in the womb. Knowing we are in times of spiritual drought, he believed in writing a faith-based series, asking for the same guidance God gave David when raising Solomon. Alan started his authoring career with the Young Solomon series, picking up lessons and cues from God, family, and friends. These books are easy to understand and aim to provide clarity to children and parenting knowledge. This series reflects principles, morals, and the basics of a simple childhood. Noble’s goals in writing Young Solomon are to encourage imagination, help children develop empathy, and create a lasting bond between a parent and their child. 

If you’ve ever watched a child play make-believe, dress-up, or with their toys, you can see that they love to use their imagination. Children make up all kinds of fun scenarios that encourage excitement, adventure and make playtime extra fun. One of the benefits of reading the Young Solomon Series is that it encourages creativity and imagination. When you read aloud the different lessons, such as affirming oneself, giving your all during hardship, or even a lesson on hitting, your child can picture different worlds, different people, and even different scenarios beyond their own experiences. Your child can dream bigger and see things from a different perspective when you open the door through the Young Solomon series. 

Children can experience different emotions through Noble’s books. They’ll learn they can associate feelings with words, which allows them to express themselves better. This helps their emotional development, as they’ll learn to experience empathy through characters like Wyatt, Grace, and Solomon. Language is one of the most powerful tools you can give your child, and one of the best ways they can learn it is through reading. Helping them develop good reading habits early on will help reap these benefits for the rest of their lives.

Lastly, one of the best outcomes of Alan Noble’s children’s books is the abundance of time spent reading with them, showing your kids you love them by sharing their learning experiences. Reading provides an opportunity to bond a relationship between parent and child. Some parents set a reading schedule, such as reading to your child every night and sets the expectation that they will be there for them. Noble’s faith-based lessons can open up meaningful conversations. Those moments of learning or opportunity allow a parent to teach their child without them having to experience it for themselves.

If you’d like the chance to read these lessons to your children, you can visit Alan Noble’s website, ( Here, you’ll find ways to watch book animations with your child, listen to audiobook lessons, and even receive your very own copy of the newest addition to the Young Solomon series. 


Author Jatin Chonkar shares his Knowledge in the field from the experience he holds through his Books

Jatin Chonkar is the man with assorted abilities and is one of the growing names as man of letters . Begun working at an early age in the field of Business , Jatinhas made a commendable Progress . Scarcely would we be able to see such people who have done really well in their professions at such a young age. Jatin Chonkar is one such fine example who has come at the apex of accomplishment with his persistent effort and ability and that too at an age that has recently hit the youngster years .

Jatin Chonkar is an Young Author from Mumbai . Jatin’s knowledge in the Field on business is quite impressive His books ‘Sales Ascendancy’ & ‘ Choosing Profitable Niches : Complete Guide’ are Available on Amazon for all those individuals those who want to Learn more about the basic of establishing a business .

“ I felt that , people want to Start Business but aren’t getting the first step itself , that’s finding a niche . So I authored a book that will Help people to find out how to choose a profitable Niche . Also I realised that , many of them in India start their Business , but are not able to grow it because they don’t know exactly how to sell. So my Book ‘ Sales Ascendancy ‘ will teach you the exact way of doing sales”. Says Jatin Chonkar

It was hope and belief of this Author which helped him Write his own niche in the digital world and become an inspiring example to many Young Generation in India those who are aspiring to entire in the field. Mixing his talents of creativity and innovation with his creativity and passion for his work together has given Jatin Chonkar individual successful path for him to develop more such successful feats in Jatin’s life.

Jatin’s out of the box ideas, thoughts and strategies have helped him achieve massive targets for him. Jatin Chonkar is trying his best in making life easier for all people around with latest innovations and ideas.