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OZ Clement Knight: Seasoned Entrepreneur Helping Businesses See the Bigger Picture

Working as a proprietary strategist, Mr. Clement Knight has been able to enjoy a dynamic career where he adjusts his services to fit the needs of different businesses. As an experienced proprietor strategist, it is of great importance that Clement Knight and other professionals in the industry adapt to changes taking place in their respective fields while consulting business owners and investors who are always looking to improve specific areas of importance.

Popular in the industry for executing commitments to both clients and the public alike, Clement Knight has helped a number of people get the desired result. Knight is an entrepreneur, licensed stockbroker, and securities principal and worked in fund management and Capital markets for a considerable period of time. With an experience of more than 25 years in the financial industries, versatility is his strongest pursuit. What makes Mr. Knight so immaculate in his business is his ability to execute short-term strategies as well as identify opportunities for long-term gains by studying underlying market trends.

Born in Brooklyn, Mr. Clement Knight’s family is from Panama and moved to New York for a better life. He is a former High School and college athlete.It is so inspirational to see what Mr. Knight has been able to achieve in his business endeavors.

Nothing is more inspirational than talking to a hard-working individual has already established multiple businesses and could help you multiply your results as well. As of now, Mr. Knight is putting his hard work and financial knowledge into venture capital investments. Ozmarq Holdings Limited, a venture fund management company known for managing private wealth and making the right investments.

Ozmarq Holdings Ltd is the manager of OHL Ventures Fund, his private equity venture capital fund. This fund is for accredited investors only and provides investments into late-stage private companies before they come public. OHL Ventures fund also provides access to Private Debt offerings with a steady rate of return for income-seeking investors who wish to invest in short-term high-yield investment opportunities.

He also runs the Sova crypto index fund which makes it easier for people to invest in crypto. Mr. Knight has developed strategies that help capitalize on broad market shifts because he uses micro and macro trends to do so. Mr. Knight has helped clients gain access to a platform that offers retail investors many of the same opportunities as institutional investors by working through the ins and outs of the industry, both current and potential.

Supervisory Jurisdiction with over 30 licensed representatives at one point. He has trained developed and sponsored many successful financial consultants. Created presentations training and marketing materials for his staff of brokers. He organized seminars related to product recognition and organization in the branches he supervised. Mr. Knight was responsible for hiring administrative personnel, interns, broker trainees, and licensed representatives.

He oversaw all expenses for his branch offices, including financial records and budgeting. All while maintaining and building his personal clients assets. Mr. Knight is a recipient of the Annual Diamond Achiever Award for Top Producing Brokers. In addition to this honor, he also holds series 7, 24, and 63 securities licenses.

Mr. Knight also devotes his time and efforts to philanthropy and helps the youth of today to lead better lives. Mr. Knight is deeply rooted in his community with political and financial ties. His company FBO Investments is a financial literacy company that helps economically underserved urban minorities by encouraging them to take advantage of market trends, geopolitical and cyclical events, and cycles so as to improve their lives. We hope that Mr. Knight’s business thrives even more and continues to impact the lives of many individuals.
You can follow Mr. Knight on Instagram here: @therealtheoz, @fboinvestments


Entrepreneur Denis Muric shares the importance of digitalization in daily business operations

The significant traits of a successful entrepreneur are focus and determination toward work. Their ability to solve problems by taking calculated risks has created room for creativity and has welcomed numerous business opportunities. Making a tremendous mark in the field of entrepreneurship, Denis Muric has built a successful name for himself in today’s time. He is the head honcho of Unique Investments, a Dubai-based real estate company.

Unique Investments has established its name as one of the most profound real estate companies across the UAE. Known for providing luxurious properties in Dubai and other adjoining cities, Denis’ company is among the leading names that offer swanky residential and commercial spaces to its clients. As an entrepreneur, his focus is not only maximise the business but also provide customer satisfaction with top-notch services.

Having built a sustainable business empire, Denis has frequently emphasized the need for creating other sources of income. Going with the market trends, he is well-versed with the advancements in technology. With a fair knowledge of fintech and cryptocurrency, Denis has helped the fintech platform Marketpeak to prosper drastically on a global scale. With digitalization taking over, Denis believes that businesses must switch to technology to sustain themselves in the long run.

Elaborating about the same, Denis revealed, “Everything is just a click away. As things have become easily accessible through the internet, businesses have a plethora of options to reach the target audience. Brands must consider taking a backseat from traditional methods of marketing, and rather focus on modern marketing tactics.” In addition, Denis has always welcomed innovations in his work that have seen him prosper in the entrepreneurial space.

With a lucrative real estate empire, and in-depth knowledge of fintech, cryptocurrency and Web 3.0, Denis has carved his name as one of the most versatile entrepreneurs. Currently, he is mentoring thousands of students to earn money through network marketing. Helping people live a debt-free life, he feels that sales and network marketing are the best options for individuals wanting to achieve a six-figure income in a short time. Moreover, he continues to grasp knowledge about blockchain and integrate the latest technology in his day-to-day operations.


Kevin Sacchi – Gaining massive popularity as an artist and outstanding success as a digital entrepreneur.

His popularity has been on a rise with more than 1 million social media following that speaks a lot about his dynamic presence.

Italian-born Kevin Francesco Maria Sacchi, more popular as Kevin Sacchi has managed to create a strong foothold in the entertainment industry as an artist while simultaneously establishing himself as a successful digital entrepreneur who has led his company to reach towering heights of success. Born in Crema on November 13th 1999, Kevin has established himself as a successful artist and digipreneur who has gained immense popularity owing to his outstanding line of work which he has exuded via his music and communication agency named KS Digital Force.


His popularity as an artist rose when his distinctive style of music caught up wide attention, grabbing maximum eyeballs. What was unique about his work was that his electronic songs had Arabic, Manele, Balkan melodies, which made them unique and popular within no time, catapulting his position as an artist to the next level. He not only aced in his career as an artist but also built a lucrative career as a digital entrepreneur by establishing his agency KS Digital Force which has under its roof some of world’s biggest brand’s, including VIPs, celebrities and many more popular personalities who have handed over their digital communication jobs to his entity. Nonetheless, the agency has grabbed its position among the top ten agencys’ in the world, which is quite commendable.

His social media presence has received a massive boost as he has gained a huge following of more than one million, which is quite impressive. Furthermore, he became the Italian testimonial of Triller app, an international rival to TikTok, which catapulted his position to the top among world’s known personalities like Donald Trump, Miley Cyrus, Martin Garrix, Snoop Dogg and many more. To further boost his career prospects he founded KS Digital Force in 2019 which today manages numerous global accounts which have crossed more than 300 within no time. He has become one of the youngest successful digital entrepreneurs below 30 who has managed to pull off such a humongous task with ease.


Kevin has also lent his hands of support towards numerous social causes, one being raising over €250,000 in association with Gofoundme platform to donate to his city of birth, Crema during the global pandemic in 2020. He has a list of achievement that have followed suit like founding the first digital figure in the world in the tattoo industry with the term “INKFLUENCER“, Ink + Influencer to tell the history of the art of tattoos by participating in tattoo conventions in Italy and abroad. Furthermore, in 2021 he came up with many interesting singles like Mente Da Star, King Of Persia, Baby Bling and an entire album titled – Mister Worldwide, using Balkan melodies for the first time in Italy which gained wide appreciation. In 2022, he founded “Kevin Sacchi Brand“, which has also achieved tremendous success in no time.




How to become a successful entrepreneur and make money? Negar Rokni, an Iranian entrepreneur, will guide you

 Internal guidance

Successful leaders are highly motivated, and their inner strength motivates them to work harder to improve their skills. This inner force is not unique to these people and everyone has this ability within themselves, but only the people who use it are different from the others. This in-house guide is what drives successful entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. Entrepreneurs are those who are immersed in their work and profession and their work has become a part of their existence. Hence, paying attention to the inside is the first step to achieving our goals.

 Learn from existing patterns

In any business situation, an entrepreneur should be familiar with entrepreneurial patterns. Skilled leaders do not have to worry about starting a business because the more you know about the business mechanism, the more successful you will be in long-term investments. So these people are also completely familiar with this mechanism.

Mastery of emotions

Great leaders control their emotions and know how to use them; They know when to use their emotions as leverage to gain power, and when to calm down or take control of the goals they have set. Successful entrepreneurs do not allow fear and anger to interfere in their decisions.

It is difficult to control anger and fear, and these two hinder the rational thinking of human beings. Thinking wisely saves man on the battlefield and creates an atmosphere in which a good decision can be made. This will help managers to jump beyond these emotions to success. Self-control is one of the most important tools for success.


Skilled entrepreneurs have the growth and experience to be patient. Sometimes a transaction requires a combination of different strategies, and patience helps managers avoid thinking only about the transaction and avoiding emotional behaviors that lead to a missed opportunity.

 When the desire to succeed arises from this curiosity, success will have no limits. Lack of this sense of curiosity leads to acceptance of the current situation and give up trying to achieve further success.

All people can determine their own destiny. If this sense of curiosity arises with the ability to manage internal actions in an entrepreneur, a wonderful result will be achieved.


Food Boss shares his top bits of advice for aspiring entrepreneur chefs

The celebrity chef talks about what helped him strive for the last three decades.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Frank has used his inherent culinary expertise and infused them with entrepreneurial skills that have been the reason for his success. The Italian chef runs his show called In The Kitchen With Frank across different social media platforms and has gained an ever-growing audience for himself. His entrepreneurial achievements include owning and operating catering venues called Ariana’s Grand and Ariana’s South for the past twenty-five-plus years.

Better known on the internet as Food Boss, Frank has crossed over a million followers on Tik Tok alone and his cooking videos have become viral for several different reasons. It may seem like the chef has a never-ending streak of luck but it is his tried and tested skillset that has helped him in every realm of life. He is with us today and will share his top tips for aspiring entrepreneurs’ chefs who aim to follow in his footsteps.

Always start with what you are best at.

I clearly remember back when I was entering the food business that many other options were also available for me to go into. Some of my friends were going towards automobiles while others were looking to sell real estate. Both of them seemed like good careers to take up for me but I chose what I knew from my birth. It was cooking. I had a knack for making huge feasts for the family and even when friends would come over. This was turned into a living by me when I started my first catering venue Ariana’s.

Constructing a brand must always be the priority.

Most people try to get their hands in everything they can all at once and end up ruining everything. I’m not going to say it’s something bad to be hustling, but it must be done in the right direction. If you have made up your mind about a specific industry and business, just focus on making the brand instead of making yourself famous. In case the brand does not service, you have the chance to start another one. For me, it was when I started my kitchen called Ariana’s. It’s the name of my firstborn daughter. When I moved to the internet, the strategy was the same. The name of the show was In The Kitchen With Frank while I branded myself as Food Boss. Now everyone knows me as Food Boss and the brand has a strong social media presence as well.

Never be afraid of growing on your success

I’m going to be straight on this one, there is a limit to the success you can get from a certain outlet. You must be ready to expand when the right time comes knocking. In my case, it happened twice. First when I got the chance to open the second catering kitchen which I named Ariana’s Grand. Secondly, when I was going to start my online career and post my videos on the internet. Needless to say, you always miss every one of the chances you never take!

Be Open to new ideas and skills

At the start of my career, it was a good option for me to just focus on Italian cuisine and make it the theme of my kitchen. I can’t explain how lucky I am to not take that route. Now the whole world knows that we do not only cook Italian. This would have also affected me when I was going to post my videos online. People would have only known me for being good at Italian food and not as a good chef overall.

Adapt yourself to the changing times

Hard times come and go, but only the tough get through those times. My rule for this is to always adapt to the new normal and build your success from there. When public gatherings got banned, I realized it was a sign for me to find interest in something new. For me, it was In The Kitchen With Frank. It would have been the end of the road for me if I had not found a new thing.

You can have a look at the delicious feasts Frank makes at his home by visiting his Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok accounts. He urges all his viewers to try out his recipes and get in touch with him whenever they need his help or can suggest something even better.


Helpful Tips for Investing in Housing and real estate according to the successful entrepreneur, Reza Jalali

To succeed in the real estate market and make a profit and wealth from investing in this market, having money and capital alone will never be valuable and efficient. Therefore, let us know some information and follow some tips to succeed in this market. It is necessary to read more with the consultants of Farasoo realty Group (MBA Cafe) to induce some samples of methods and tips which will facilitate you to invest in the real estate market.

1- Investing in a recession

The growing realty cycle implies that the customer controls the market, and you will be able to buy the property at a reduced price during a recession to sell it at a high value-added boom. During this era, you will be able to also earn money by renting your property.

2. Do not ignore local research

To buy a property or land, just paying attention to its price can confuse you. You purchase a property for two purposes. Either you wish to sell it later at a higher price; otherwise, you want to rent it. In any case, to attain these goals, you may need a decent market for your property. So before investing, give some thought to the demand situation for getting and renting property therein area, and whether at a price you opt to buy the property, the demand for property therein neighborhood is specified you will, otherwise you may incur a loss.

Try to put the pros and cons of property together, then predict its future. So do not forget that when investing and buying a property, just paying attention to its price is not enough.

In different provinces, the real estate market is local, but in big cities like Tehran, this market is suffering from various issues. Watch out to make sure you are not just buying a property that seems to own an affordable price, and you will determine after the purchase that this property is found in an unfavorable area. Does one have to know what place you are targeting? What makes a decent area?

You need to grasp if you intend to stay your home as a permanent or property, will the investment you make increase? If this home is the property you are renting, it is a good idea to make sure you are buying it in areas with a rising price or constant demand for rent. You will also need to make repairs or alterations after purchasing a home, asking yourself, what does the market have for you when your home renovation is complete? You would like a real estate expert who knows the local market well, who can answer your questions on the property you are buying and address your concerns. Remember, it is crucial to be aware of the local market you intend to invest in for realty. Therefore, it is better to talk to real estate consultants who have been officially and legally active in this field for many years.

Farasoo real estate Advisors can facilitate you along the way; All you must try and register your application with Farasoo Group so that Farasoo Consultants can enable you in this regard.

3- Seek excellent opportunities

One of the factors which will guarantee your profit in land investing is the price you pay to buy a property. In the real estate sector, a decent purchase could be a purchase that is up to the typical cost of the property therein area or maybe less than the usual price. Once you have cash, you may have the facility to form good use of the excellent opportunities within the land sector. Excellent opportunities usually arise at a time when the possessor is in dire need of money and desires to sell their property as soon as possible. In such cases, if you have money, you will profit from those opportunities.


Sinan Ezam, an Iranian entrepreneur and active in the US Forex market

Sinan Ezam has been involved in the Forex market since 2006 and has been in crypto for nearly three years

Sinan’s description of Forex and Crypto:

What is Forex?

Forex is a Latin term derived from the two words foreign interchange, which implies the exchange of foreign currencies. The simplest definition for the exchange of foreign currencies is that the conversion of one currency into another, many of which are employed to shop for and sell goods or services of companies and governments, travel and shopping expenses of tourists, or investments of people and corporations in the country is employed. Of course, most currency exchanges make a take advantage of the difference between the acquisition and sale price.

In the global currency exchange market, all banks (commercial, central and investment), large financial institutions, multinational corporations, traders, insurance companies, export and import companies, pension funds, speculators and individuals, currencies They trade different currencies like US dollars, Euros, Pounds, Yen, etc. Unlike most other financial markets, this market does not have a particular physical location, and banks, institutions, and traders trade one currency against another through the electronic network. Although the character of Forex trading is over the counter, the main foreign exchange trading centers are in London, New York, and Tokyo, respectively, and banks worldwide participate in these trades.

Forex trading is buying one currency and, at the same time, selling another currency. Currencies are traded through a trader or broker in pairs. For instance, Euro and USD (EUR / USD) or British pound and Japanese Yen (GBP / JPY). Forex trading is often summarized in two goals: 1. First, sell at a high rate, then buy at a low rate 2. First, invest at a low rate and sell at a high price.


Know the 4 must have Characteristics of an Entrepreneur through the experience of Billal Ali

It is hard to believe the fact that ‘the pattern of your habitual behaviour heavily affects your professional life and choice’. The ones who keep up with being under control of someone end up in a service for the benefit of others. On the other hand, the ones never ready to work under others end up being the boss of their own business.

These bosses in the modern term are known as entrepreneurs. But what determines an ideal entrepreneur? What are the characteristics of an entrepreneur? Who and why is called an entrepreneur?

Let’s know these distinguishable features of an entrepreneur through the story of Billal Ali who possesses unmatched skills and is multitasking in his portfolio. Ali who now ages to 31 belongs from UK . 6 years back he started his career with a product company -ACN.

Although there is no perfect entrepreneurial outlines yet there are many characteristics that show up repeatedly in successful business owners.

(1) Independence which is the most common denominator of all entrepreneurs. It’s true that no one has the control over future or time but atleast one can work in present according to the desirable future.

(2) Persistence and Determination which is immensely dominant in world of entrepreneurship is fraught with both success and failure. A significant quality of a flourishing entrepreneur is the unfluctuating desire to continue pursuing a goal despite certain reversals and obstacles they may encounter during their journey.

(3) Self-Confidence is what makes an entrepreneur sail through the adverse situations in his life. Entrepreneurship is synonym to risk. Unless one has full faith and confidence in one’s capabilities it becomes tough to stand firm in one’s own decisions.

(4) Creativity which is unfortunately the most underrated element in our society forms one of the pillars of entrepreneurship. In the business world, you can not afford to be contented and uncreative unless you wish the competition to drag you back to the starting point. .

Bilal is the cumulative of all these features and thus wishes to embed these features in others with an optimistic goal of ‘growth of one and growth of all.’


Introducing classic piano styles according to Mehrad Kohanbaba, a famous Iranian musician, and entrepreneur

Classic piano music varies in different genres. Even though most genres are considerably different, many people cannot identify them due to the lack of qualification.

 Piano Concerto:

Concerto is a performance that consists of an orchestra and a small group or soloist.

In a piano concerto, the piano is the solo instrument. During the performance, the contrast between the soloist and the group is sustained. Concerto, not merely, is constituted of three contradictory movements (fast and slow).

Yano Sonata:

The term “Sonat” has many concepts, however, the most common usage of this term implies a musical type from the classic era. Sonat usually consists of three to four movements in which the first move is in form of Sonata. Therefore, a piano Sonat is an independent performance for the solo piano that is performed in three to four movements.

Piano Trio:

A piano theater is one of the most regular types of contemporary music, including a piano and two other instruments.

The most common instruments are piano and violin. Prominent works such as Brahms.

Quintet piano:

The most common form of quintet piano is a piano with four other instruments, a piano with a quartet string.